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The Importance of Making Sure That Your Microblading Artist Is the Real Deal

The Importance of Making Sure That Your Microblading Artist Is the Real Deal
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
Make sure they're legit!

It's no secret that eyebrow embroidery, or microblading, is one of the biggest beauty trends right now. Waking up with your brows already on? That's basically everyone's dream come true!

For this same reason, everyone interested in the procedure should look for the best possible person for the job. Only trained and certified brow artists should touch your brows—no one else.

To properly explain why, we had the Philippines' pioneer PhiBrows artist, Ron Maclang-Peña share the nitty-gritty of becoming the real deal. This way, you'll spot the real pros without even trying. Read about her story below!

1. Being a brow artist requires actual training.

Microblading is not as simple as having your makeup done. It's considered a medical procedure, and like doctors, brow artists need to learn several safety and delivery guidelines before being authorized to tattoo brows on. Hence, you have to check if an artist is well-trained and officially certified before you let them touch your arches.


In the case of PhiBrows, there are two types of training. Artists can either attend an intensive, two-day training with a master trainer from the academy or train online with via CraftMaster. CraftMaster is an app that teaches microblading process step-by-step, in addition to simulating the procedure for them to practice with.

For Ron's training, she was mentored by PhiMaster DovilÄ— ŽilinskaitÄ— in a pilot class year. Students who attend the two-day trainings also train through the app. She then had to go through different training levels and qualifications online, which eventually qualified her for certification and a license. "I received my certification and license in three weeks, making me the pioneer PhiBrows Microblading Artist in the Philippines," she reveals.

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IMAGE INSTAGRAM/ronmpena, Courtesy of Ron Peña

Ron with PhiMaster Dovile Zilinskaite (left), Ron's official portrait as a PhiBrows artist (right)

2. It takes real skill to be certified.

Unfortunately, not everyone who studies to be a brow artist can be certified. Similar to tattoo artists, not everyone can delivery the same quality of work.

For example, Ron mainly worked as a makeup artist and cosmetics teacher before her PhiBrows career. Her clients always complimented the way she did their eyebrows, which she describes as her "signature polished, corrective and morphologically ideal brows." Receiving proper training only made her better, which brought her to current position.

3. Microblading technology is an evolving field.

Brow embroidery is becoming more and more popular everyday, and with that comes a continuous evolution of techniques and technology. Hence, for best results, look for artists or brow companies that are updated with the latest in the field. Ask about their safety policies (especially with hygiene!), tools, and evaluate their entire body of work if available.


IMAGE Courtesy of Ron Peña

"As a technique, PhiBrows is true-to-form hyper-realistic in re-creating the hair-like impressions," claims Ron. "[It is] by far is the most innovative in techniques, pigments, and tools. The academy always finds ways in further improving the craft in all aspects of eyebrow treatment."

3. You 'll only be able to detect faulty embroidery once the procedure is finished.


Your microblading experience doesn't start and end at the first session. As Ron puts it, "it is one thing to see clients’ pictures [after the first session], but what really matters is how beautiful the healed results are at the end of a completed cycle of treatment."



One of Ron's clients, five weeks into healing

Knowing this, always ask your prospective brow artist for their client portfolio. Double-check how their clients' brows are doing months after the procedure, and then make your decision from there. See if they've previously done well with the brow style you want, too! Remember: you're basically getting a face tattoo, so save no room for error!

For service inquiries, reach Ron Peña through or 09055558588.

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