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5 Essential Makeup Tricks We Learned from Patrick Starrr

5 Essential Makeup Tricks We Learned from Patrick Starrr
IMAGE Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics
Selfies are actually mandatory.

Last Saturday, Preview had a chance to sit in YouTuber Patrick Starrr's first major beauty event in the Philippines. He taught a makeup masterclass using products from his collab line with MAC Cosmetics, while demonstrating a gorgeous look on his model, Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5 winner Maureen Wroblewitz. Naturally, we picked up many key beauty tips from the world famous beauty vlogger. See them below!

1. Always look straight into a mirror when doing your eye makeup.

If you want your eyeliner to turn out as good as you imagined it, don't keep your eyes closed the entire time you're doing it. Patrick says that looking straight into a mirror (not down) helps you envision the finished look better since you have a clearer view of how it looks. Accordingly, this also gives you a better idea as to where exactly to place eyeshadow, particularly with your crease.

2. How you hold your brush affects your eyeshadow application.


According to Patrick, the closer your hand is to the bristles of your brush, the more precise your application becomes. On the contrary, if you want a more diffused application, he suggests holding the brush farther away so you have less control and the application won't be too harsh.

3. Contour more than one part of the face.

Nose contouring can be a bit intimidating to some, and Patrick acknowledged this in his makeup class. Thankfully, he has a tip that'll make contouring (or as he calls it, snatching) your nose look less awkward.

"Contouring your nose takes a lot of practice, and it looks weird [at first], but if you contour the eye, the cheek, and the face, your nose won't look so lonely. It's not the only thing that's contoured," he explains. For this, the makeup artist loves using the shade Saddle from his Glam AF eyeshadow palette and blends it from the inner hollows of the brow down to the nose bridge.

4. Line your eyes fully when using false eyelashes.

"My biggest pet peeve, because I film [my YouTube videos] in HD, is seeing a little bit of the flesh [between falsies]," the YouTuber admits. Which is why, before filming, he makes sure to hit every centimeter of the lash line with a kohl liner. This results in false lashes looking more natural, thus making it seem like you're not wearing falsies at all!

5. Do a picture test before leaving for an event.

Patrick says that taking a selfie with flash helps you double check how your makeup looks in photos, which gives you a chance to adjust anything before it's too late. For example, have you ever seen those red carpet photos of celebrities with stark white undereyes? Take that as your warning. 

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