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4 Practical Tips to Match Your Makeup With Your Outfit

Makeup can make or break your outfit.
4 Practical Tips to Match Your Makeup With Your Outfit
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Makeup can make or break your outfit.

I’m a firm believer in putting a lot of thought into what sort of makeup goes with a particular fashion ensemble, and I don’t mean going all matchy-matchy, necessarily. The goal is to create a beauty look that complements rather than clashes with your attire. 

Single Statement

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Alice + Olivia, Fall 2017

A monochromatic outfit or an LBD is easy on the eye, but it also calls for something more dramatic on the face. This is the perfect outfit to experiment with. A statement lip in any imaginable hue—red orange, fuchsia or plum, like the MAC lippie, Heroine (P1000, Power Plant). You can also opt for interesting eye makeup. I would veer away from the predictable smokey eye and go for a modern lined look in an unexpected hue like hunter green or navy.

Casual Chic

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Marchesa, Fall 2017

I’m not sure if the normcore trend is here to stay or if traces of it will remain, but I can tell you this: Casual wear will always be a must because it’s our way of kicking back and relaxing. It’s reserved for when you hit the gym or need to run a million and one errands. My honest opinion, though? You don’t need to look like crap when doing so. It doesn’t take much to look presentable. A good skin care regimen is the first step—this helps cut the makeup time in half. These days, I’m all about retinol and SPF. These are my lifesavers when it comes to preventing the aging process. Good skin plus some tinted lip balm and an eyebrow-taming mascara, and you’re good to go.  


Doña Don't

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Michael Kors, Fall 2017

I’m a sucker for caftans these days. As I’ve gotten older, there are days when I simply want to feel comfortable but still look dressed up. But when donning these shapeless dresses, you also run the risk of looking matronly. This is when makeup can make all the difference. My advice? Avoid heavy and dark hues altogether. A natural finish on the skin helps, so stick to tinted moisturizers and highlighters— Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl (P1600, Greenbelt 5) is my fave. Go easy on the mascara, too, and forgo the matte blush. Your best bet would be a lip and cheek stain. Remember, the less “done” you look, the better.

Color Chameleon

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Aigner, Fall 2017

It’s fun to wear brights and morale-boosting hues like magenta, yellow, and cobalt blue. My take, though, is that your makeup should be taken down a notch when wearing such high-impact colors. A cotton candy pink lip and a peach blush may be too much at the same time, so neutral hues seem to be the more logical choice. Think Calvin Klein: simple, clean, and monochromatic. Bobbi Brown’s makeup palettes are perfect for these kinds of looks. You get all the neutral shades necessary to create an understated yet utterly gorgeous face.

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This story was originally published in Preview November 2014.

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