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5 Scents for Valentine's Day That Smell Nothing Like Your Usual Perfume

5 Scents for Valentine's Day That Smell Nothing Like Your Usual Perfume No cotton candy or vanilla on our list.

If you don't already know, scent is closely related to memory. While we're not telling you to plan your whole look around your SO's preferences, it's not bad at all to leave a lasting impression, especially when it comes to how you smell. That said, we just wanted to sneak into your Valentine's plans to tell youtime to ditch those sugary high school scents goodbye. For your new fashion girl fragrance, we list these chic, soft, woodsy (read: clean!) scents for you that spell woman instead of girl. 

1. B. Balenciaga by Balenciaga

Ah, how do you even begin to explain B. Balenciaga? I would say it's woodsy, a bit powdery in a non-granny way, others would say it's very violety, while I've heard one say it holds notes of edemame (yes, peas!). This is a very delicate scent, but also bright, clean, and pure. Try this on if you're a D&G Light Blue kind of girl.


IMAGE Luxasia

BALENCIAGA B. Balenciaga, P5398/50ml, Rustan's

2. Penhaligon's Juniper Sling

Those whose V-Day plans involve drinking, how would you feel if we told you you can smell like alcohol and smell great at the same time? This British fragrance is totally a gin & tonic, but in fragrance form. It's ultra-fresh, if you like your lowkey soapy scents, but also spicy, in a peppery way, and just the slightest hint of sweetness. Spray on before going on a girls' night outyou'll be intoxicating.

IMAGE Penhaligons

PENHALIGON'S Juniper Sling, P11,000, Adora

3. CK Obsessed for Women

If you're into the musky scent profile, spritz on this CK fragrance. It's white lavender and musk, but also citrus, and get thissage. Wear if you're into androgynous scents, or if you want to share it with your SO.

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IMAGE Luxasia

CALVIN KLEIN CK Obsessed for Women, P5698, Rustan's

4. Jo Malone Orris & Sandalwood

Powdery, woodsy, earthybut very subtly sexy. It's apparently a fave of Martine Cajucom, too, according to her Instagram stories! Spray this onto your warm points (neck, wrist—but don't rub!), if you want to give off a mysterious vibe.

IMAGE Jo Malone

JO MALONE Orris & Sandalwood, P10,080, Power Plant

5. L'Eau d'Issey Pure

A reinvention of a '90s classic, the Pure version is described to be like "the scent of water on the skin of a woman." It's a lot less citrusy than it's original, but has a lot of white florals in it and an oceanic tone to it, too. It's fresh without being too bright, almost relaxing. Wear to an intimate trip to the beach with nothing else but your bikini. 


IMAGE Luxasia

ISSEY MIYAKE L'eau d'Issey Pure, P6000/90ml, Rustan's

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