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Here's What It's Like to Get a Haircut in the "New Normal"

It was a whole new salon experience.
Here's What It's Like to Get a Haircut in the "New Normal"
IMAGE Courtesy of Maura Rodriguez
It was a whole new salon experience.

A lot of girls would agree that the lockdown has transformed their hair as much as it did their way of life. If you were the type to go to your hairstylist on the regular, that's a habit now gone because of the strict health protocols in place and the government's general advisory to stay home as much as possible. After all, you shouldn't risk your life for vanity's sake.

Since getting a cut isn't what you call essential, your trip to the salon now must be worth it, and you should opt to get a style that'll grow out beautifully. I jumped at the chance to get my hair cut at Hair by Jing Monis, which I last visited in January. My stylist Sir Peps cut my then mid-back length hair into a shoulder length layered mullet and it actually grew out pretty well over the ECQ! So I decided to get the same style. But the service was nothing like what I experienced before the pandemic broke. Watch this short video to find out how salons are protecting themselves and their customers during COVID-19 and what you should expect if you plan to make an appointment. 

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