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All the Times Nadine Lustre Had the Best Clapbacks Against Body-Shamers

This is just one of the reasons why she's called the "Internet's President."
All the Times Nadine Lustre Had the Best Clapbacks Against Body-Shamers
This is just one of the reasons why she's called the "Internet's President."

In more ways than one, Nadine Lustre is a great example when we talk about self-love and inclusivity. Whether she’s clapping back at a basher or just sharing an empowering message, she’s all about embracing one's body. Her openness about these relevant issues are just why she's so admired and also dubbed as the "Internet's President." Keep scrolling to see for yourself!

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1. When she proudly stated that she likes her body yet won’t allow unsolicited comments to pass

Nadine told the Wake Up With Jim & Saab podcast the reason why she just won't tolerate unsolicited comments. Although she said that she likes her body now and is normally unfazed by hate comments, she expressed her concern for those who aren't confident yet in their skin. "It's just that, how would, for example, a girl who's younger like me and who's not really confident and still figuring out herself reads that comment. How do you think she would feel?" she said.

Nadine added, "It's not that I like proving a point. It's just that, I like, in a way, answering so that people will stop doing this to others. I like shutting them down because I don't want other people to feel na 'Ah nababash siya. What if this happens to me?' Even if it's directed to me, I'm sure that does something to people who read those comments." 

2. When she had the best response to a body-shaming tweet 

Last October 2021, a Twitter user made uncalled-for comments about Nadine's body, as well as her rumored new boyfriend Christophe Bariou. The tweet reads: 

Nadine held nothing back and her response was candidly straight-forward:


3. When she made an empowering  post about her old jeans not fitting anymore

In a tweet, Nadine casually wrote about putting on a few pounds since her "oversized jeans" now fit her like a glove. Instead of finding way  to get back to her old size, she mentioned that she had no intentions of losing weight and will simply buy new jeans. 

watch now

Spoken like a truly unbothered queen! After all, gaining weight is a totally human and normal process.

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PHOTO BY TWITTER/hello_nadine

4. When she revealed that she strongly feels that there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery

In one of Dr. Aivee Teo's vlogs, Nadine expressed her confusion as to why people won't stop assuming that she's had her nose done. In their conversation, Nadine also pointed out that she strongly feels that there is nothing wrong with a person who wants to pursue any kind of plastic surgery. 


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"I don't understand why people see it as a bad thing, and people use it against people who actually do it [...] you can't really hate on a person who wants to improve how they look and wants to look good," she told Dr. Aivee. "I mean, people are always bashing that person and saying, 'Ay retokada!' Why is it a bad thing? It shouldn't be a bad thing. If anything, it shouldn't be your business because they wanted to do it—it's their body."

Watch the full video below:

You keep doing you, Nadine!

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