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The Best Mid-Length Celebrity Hair Pegs for Every Face Shape

So who's your face shape twin?
The Best Mid-Length Celebrity Hair Pegs for Every Face Shape
So who's your face shape twin?

Looking for celeb hair inspo online is easy. In one click, you'll be greeted with thousands of photos of people sporting the exact hairstyle you're eyeing. However, finding a style that suits you specifically could take more work, because you need to consider factors like your face shape. Our advice? Stop hitting the search button at random and find people with the same face structure as you instead.

To kick off your search, here's a list of celebs to follow if you have mid-length hair:


Round faces tend to have a forehead and a jawline in similar length. The chin, cheekbones, and jawline have rounded edges as well, making the shape look circular.

Kaila Estrada

Kaila is proof that full bangs are the best choice for a round face because she makes it look extra chic every time. For variety, she changes how she parts her hair and hides her fringe from time to time, so her 'do is never boring.



A square-shaped face is the more angular version of a round one. The forehead and jawline are similar horizontally. However, this shape tends to have a more prominent jawline and a chin that slightly tapers downwards without being too pointy.

Mari Jasmine

Master both sleek and tousled hairstyles by taking a peek at Mari's feed. She'll give you a good mix of everyday styles and edgier looks for your nights out, with a ton of style inspo to match!

Lovi Poe

Let Lovi inspire you to embrace your features with her sophisticated and polished locks. 


If your face is widest near your cheekbones but tapers downwards to a slightly pointed chin, then you might have a diamond face.

Iza Calzado

Face-framing fringes and waves are Iza's usual picks to complement her face shape.


An elongated face without any harsh edges most likely falls under the oval category, which is known as the most symmetrical of all face shapes.


Erich Gonzales

How Erich styles her long bob proves that the cut can be versatile if you want it to be! The actress plays around with braids, curls, and even wet hair!

Isabelle Daza

On the other hand, it's Belle you should be getting your laid-back hair inspo from. If you need ultra wearable looks, she's your girl!


To point out a rectangle face, combine the pointed angles of a square face with the elongated features of an oval.

Wanda Chen

This model will make you want to change up your hair color every time she appears on your feed. Her shoots give us tons of practical and out-there ideas, so she's definitely one to watch if you have similar features.


Heart-shaped faces are wide at the forehead, slowly tapering to a pointy chin.

Claudia Barretto

We're pretty sure Claudia can pull off almost any hairstyle, so she's the perfect peg if you're a heart-shaped girl who's lost in hair translation!