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These Meal Delivery Services Will Help You Achieve Your Best Summer Body Yet

Bookmark these for reference!
These Meal Delivery Services Will Help You Achieve Your Best Summer Body Yet
Bookmark these for reference!

With the much awaited summer days just around the corner, it’s best to get started on sculpting your summer body. If you’ve done your research on getting fit, then you’ll know that it’s 20% exercise and 80% nutritionabs are built in the gym and revealed in the kitchen. Yup, those long hours of working out at the gym won’t mean a thing if you’re not paying attention to what you put in your body!

But let’s admit it, preparing your own meals plus watching your diet can seem like a daunting task especially for beginners. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up a list of meal delivery services to help you achieve your best summer body yet.

1. Dear Diet Delivery

Being on a diet doesn’t mean cutting out your favourite food with Dear Diet Delivery. Most of their meals will feature your comfort food like ube champorado, lasagna, and morenever really making you feel like you’re deprived. They also offer different meal plans to choose from: Balanced, Keto, Pescetarian, Ketopescetarian,  and High Protein. Their basic meal plan consists of three meals, a snack, fruit, and coffee at an affordable P2100 for five days, and with free delivery within Metro Manila. If you’re running on a budget, this one’s perfect for you!


Price: Starts at P2100 for a five-day plan.

2. The Sick Pack Chef

Athletes swear by The Sick Pack Chef when it comes to their nutrition! If you’re conscious about hitting your macros then this is the one for you. This meal delivery service offers two kinds of meal plans you can choose from—High Protein Low Carb Diet and Low Fat High Protein Diet—depending on your fitness goals. Aside from offering high-quality and high-protein meals, they also offer free comprehensive nutritional assessments with their team of registered nutritionist and dieticians who can help you achieve your goals and customize your meals accordingly. They’re definitely more meticulous and they take a scientific approach to preparing your food so you’re sure to see results!  

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Price: Starts at P3000 for a five-day plan.

3. Ketovegetarianph

Remember the meal delivery service that Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff swore helped her lose 10lbs last January 2019? It’s this one! If you’re looking to explore the ketogenic diet and are a vegetarian or vegan, then let Ketovegetarian guide your initiation into the world of keto! They specialize in 100% plant-based, high fat, and low carb meals which promises guaranteed results! There's not a lot of meal delivery services that caters to vegetarians and vegans so when Anne's testimony went viral, we definitely made a mental note to include this in our list! 


Price: Starts at P2795 for a five-day plan. 

4. Paleo Manila

Ever heard of the Paleo diet or the caveman diet? Paleo Manila focuses on preparing meals which contain food groups that our ancestors ate in the stone age. This means staying away from processed food, refined sugar, dairy products, and grains. Instead, they focus on all-natural, whole foods, and nutrient-dense meals. Staying true to its concept, Paleo Manila offers natural and healthy yet palatable meals. If you’re interested to try, be sure to check this one out! 


Price: Starts at P3950 for a five-day plan.

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