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4 Beginner Makeup Looks That You Can Easily Do Yourself

You don't have to be a beauty pro to master these easy-peasy looks!
4 Beginner Makeup Looks That You Can Easily Do Yourself
You don't have to be a beauty pro to master these easy-peasy looks!

For a newbie, delving into the world of cosmetics can be quite intimidating. It encompasses a whole new culture that transcends foundation shades and lipsticks. More than pretty palettes and gorgeous lippies, there are also technical beauty jargon, guidelines, and rules to comprehend—although some may argue that the latter does not exist. Regardless, there’s no denying that makeup with all of its complexity makes everything all the more interesting. But who says everything has to be complicated, right? Below, we break down four trendy and wearable looks that you can easily recreate, even if you've got little to zero knowledge about makeup.

Sunkissed Glow

Bronzed, healthy-looking skin that seems like it had a healthy dose of vitamin D is always in. While not everyone has the time and/or interest (let’s be honest) to bask in the sun to achieve this look naturally, there are more ways than one using makeup to do so. Gather your brushes and learn straight from Jennifer Lopez's makeup artist. Here, Scott Barnes shows us how to achieve a sunkissed glow. 


How To:

1. Blend and set.

Use a foundation shade that’s one to three shades darker than your skin tone to mimic the effect of tanned skin. Proper blending is always key, so make sure to dedicate time and effort in polishing all blotches and streaks. Make sure to blend the color everywhere that skin is shown. Depending on your choice of clothing, this may include your neck, chest, arms, hands, and even ears. If you’re using liquids/creams, set everything with loose powder to prevent the makeup from smudging and transferring.

2. Bronze, don't contour.

Use a bronzer to add warmth to the perimeters of your face. Don’t mistake this for contour as bronzers are not intended to sculpt the face. This step is merely for adding that golden radiance that you usually get from spending time under the sun. You may also use this as your eyeshadow to make the entire look more seamless and effortless.

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3. Enhance your glow with a highlighter.

Add a warm golden highlight and focus on the high points of your face (e.g., temples, cheek bones and apples, cupid’s bow). For that golden goddess look, dust some highlighter on your collar bones, shoulders, and arms.

4. Don't overdo the brows and lashes.

Keep the brows and lashes at a minimum. For the brows, brush them up with a clear brow gel and fill in the gaps with brow powder or pen. Apply a few strokes of your favorite mascara to make the eyes look alive and awake.

5. Finish with your perfect nude.

Top off your puckers with a gloss. It works best if you have a nude or an MLBB shade underneath to complete that effortlessly sultry vibe.

Glass Skin

Clear, supple, and dewy skin that looks like clear glass? Who doesn’t want that? We’re definitely all aboard with this glass skin trend that won't be going anywhere anytime soon! Look every bit like that K-celebrity you admire so much by following these simple steps.

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How To:

1. Skincare comes first.

Achieving that almost flawless skin look starts from taking care of your blank canvas—your skin. Find that perfect routine for you. Be armed with knowledge from beauty professionals to arrive at informed decisions when it comes to what works based on your skin type.

2. Use a hydrating base.

Always check the formula of your products and make sure they match your skin type. A lot of these hydrating bases are rich in emollients that may break down easily on oily skin. Either use a mattifying primer underneath, or use a satin finish base and just strategically apply the highlight afterwards.

3. Mind your skin type.

IF DRY / DRY-COMBINATION: Apply a cream or liquid highlight on the high points of your face (as previously mentioned). Set the T-zone with a light dusting of powder.

IF COMBINATION-OILY / OILY: Apply a light dusting of powder on areas you need to set further and keep it for touch-ups later on (in case you’ll need it). Use a powder highlighter (preferably not glittery) on the high points of your face.


4. Add subtle contours.

Lightly dust some contour powder on the features you want to enhance (e.g., eyes, nose bridge, cheek bones) and add a light wash of blush (optional).

5. Keep the brows and lashes looking natural.

6. Finish off with a hydrating lipstick and/or gloss.

Peach Perfect

A perfect match to the glass skin look is 2019’s color of the year—living coral. Warm coral tones have always been staples in K-beauty. 

How To:

1. Start with your glass skin base.

2. Pick your palette.

Choose an eyeshadow or blush palette that has mostly coral tones; think oranges and warm pinks, depending on what better suits your undertones.

3. Go monochromatic.

For beginners, it’s always easier to use the same shade you used on your cheeks on your eyes as well to effortlessly tie everything together. No need to stress about mixing and matching!

4. Apply shimmer on your eyes.

Dust it on the center and inner corner of your lids to look more awake. If you want to look a bit more extra, you may also apply this on your lower lash lines. You can use your regular face highlighter for this or a shimmery eyeshadow.


5. Finish with a coral tint.

Complete your look with a coral lip tint, gradient style. Or, apply a bold peachy matte lipstick all over to make a statement.

Natural Glam

Doing brown smokey eyes can be quite intimidating for a beginner. But it’s actually quite simple. All you need is a light hand so you don’t overdo it. Let’s pickup from our peachy look, shall we?

How To:

1. Apply your base.

You may still make it dewy, but you can also go for a satin-matte finish to complement all the browns you’ll be using. Remember, always use your skin tone and type as guide when choosing your base products.

2. Use a neutral eyeshadow palette.

Think of earthy brown tones. In fact, you can even use your contour palette for the eyes and cheeks. It always looks more professionally done if the color story is cohesive.

3. Time to layer the browns.

Swipe a light brown shade (one shade darker than your skin tone) across your lids and lower lashline. Blend the edges. From there, pick a darker brown shade (two to three shades darker than your skin tone) and apply it on the outer V of your upper and lower lash lines. Blend the edges. This is optional, but you may also apply shimmer on the center of your lids and inner tearducts.


4. Swipe a light contour.

Define your features by contouring, and then add some color to your cheeks for a natural-looking flush.

5. Don't forget your brows and lashes.

Define your arches but keep everything soft and feathery. Apply a thin layer of brow gel onto the hairs, and then finish it off with a coat of volumizing mascara on your lasher to make your eyes pop.

6. Finish off with any lip color your prefer.

We suggest a nude shade for a model-off-duty look, or a bold red lipstick for a sophisticated evening look.

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