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LOTD: Angel Locsin Wore Long Hair for a Day and Here's How She Did It

LOTD: Angel Locsin Wore Long Hair for a Day and Here's How She Did It
April Fools!

Angel Locsin had everyone doing double-takes at her recent Showtime guesting. Because suddenly, her pixie cut was gone, and her hair went past her shoulders again. How? Well, it was all her hairstylist Jay Wee's doing. He gave the actress long hair as an April Fools' Joke!

Obviously, Jay used hair extensions to achieve the look, and here's exactly how he made them look so realistic:



"Since she [Angel] would be wearing a dress that day, I decided to just do something very feminine and young yet [casual enough] for a noontime show," he explains. "I sectioned the hair according to the number of hair extensions I was going to attach [first, then] I teased the roots and applied hairspray to secure each hair extension." Jay recommends heat styling hair extensions together with your real hair so they blend naturally like Angel's did here.

To make the look more seamless, the hairstylist did something extra: "I incorporated French braids just to hide the short layers of hair...and tied them together at the back." Then he tucked away any stray short hairs with a few hair pins and finished everything with hairspray.

We don't know about you, but this is probably the prettiest April Fools' prank ever!

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