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10 Simple and Stylish Short Hairstyles to Try, As Seen on LJ Reyes

The actress and mom has a penchant for hair accessories and we’re all for it!
In case you aren’t following actress LJ Reyes on Instagram, the cool mom has been dressing up in pastel and neutral tones a lot lately. Though she’s tried a lot of fashion trends over the years—she’s no stranger to red carpet events,

10 Flattering Short Hairstyles to Try, As Seen On Korean Celebrities

Give yourself a K-beauty makeover with these short Korean-style haircuts!
The Philippines is both blessed and cursed with grueling hot temperatures. The good thing is we can hit the beach any time of the year and dress in our summer’s best even when it’s Christmas. Honestly, there are more perks that outweigh

10 Flattering Hair Color Ideas for Girls with Short Hair

These are the best shades to pair with your short 'do!
Whatever your reason is for chopping off your locks for a shorter ‘do, there is something undeniably fun and youthful about having short hair. Whether you opt for a modest lob, a chic chin-length bob, or a spunky pixie cut, short hair

9 Celeb-Approved Ways to Style Your Short Hair

In need of a fresh cut? Check out these hair styles you can do!
Many trends have come and go, but short hair, particularly bobs and lobs, remains to be a favorite of Pinays. One major reason would be it can make anyone look fresher and younger. Plus, chopping off long locks gives you a certain

20 Celebs Who Will Convince You to Get Short Hair

BRB, going to the salon.
The hot summer weather seems to be forcing us to chop off our locks. Letting our neck and shoulders feel the breeze is surely a treat, and having long hair only means wearing it in a ponytail to survive the heat! Before

How to Slick Back Your Lob

Styling short cuts from a hairstylist.
Everybody loves the lob, but does the lob love you? Sometimes it isn't so easy to style, especially for different hair types and thicknesses, but one look always saves the short-haired girl's day: the slick back. For times when that one strand

LOTD: Maricar Reyes-Poon's Latest Chop Will Be Your Summer Hair Peg

Her hair stylist will break it down for you!
Maricar Reyes-Poon joins the band of girls who has recently chopped their hair short just in time for summer. The actress even documented her drastic haircut online:The result? A pixie-like dreamy hair that frames her face perfectly!IMAGE Jigs MayugaIn an Instagram post,

Erich Gonzales' Guide to the Perfect Post-Breakup Cut

The details on her fresh chop!
Nothing confirms breakup rumors better than the debut of freshly chopped locks. It's subtle, classy, and of course—a great excuse to change up your look. We think Erich Gonzales executed this perfectly, and her fresh blunt cut is solid evidence.But how exactly

5 Celebrities Who Will Inspire You to Chop Off Your Hair

These girls will convince you to book an appointment with your hair stylist stat.
Summer is just around the corner! And as the temperature rises, most of us contemplate whether or not it'd be a good idea for a haircut. So as you mull over a drastic chop, we'll show you five local celebrities who are

10 Celebs Who Will Make You Want to Cut Your Hair Short ASAP

Say hello to your new hair pegs!
If you’ve been thinking of chopping off your locks for a fresher ‘do, here are 10 celebs to inspire you to book your salon appointment, stat:Lovi PoeWe often see the actress wearing extensions for work, but here’s how her natural mane looks