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20 Stylish Ear Piercings to Get If You Want to Achieve That "Curated" Look

20 Stylish Ear Piercings to Get If You Want to Achieve That "Curated" Look
IMAGE Instagram/iamhearte, sarahlahbati
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Getting an ear piercing for the first time can be pretty exciting. After all, there are a lot of placements you can consider, which just make it so tempting to get multiple piercings. But if you're not ready to go for advanced placements yet, especially if you have a low pain tolerance, the lobe is your best bet! Since it's a fleshy part of the ear, it's considered the least painful ear piercing.

How long does it take for lobe piercings to heal?

It typically takes six to eight weeks for a lobe piercing to heal. You can tell your piercing has healed when it's no longer tender to touch, it stops hurting, and the "crust" that forms around the pierced area has subsided. Once it's healed, though, there's still a chance that it can close in just a matter of days or hours. That said, don't take off your jewelry for an extended period of time, especially if your piercing is less than a year old.

How can I take care of my pierced ears?

  • Clean the area with a saline solution twice a day, every day.
  • Avoid touching your newly pierced earsthis will only delay the healing process!
  • Don't take off your earrings too soon. Before changing your jewelry, let your piercing fully heal to keep it from either closing or getting infected. 

How many piercings can I have on my lobes?

This will depend on your ear size, of course. Most people can fit up to four piercings on their lobes.


With that, here are 20 ear piercings to get for that "curated" look:

  1. Kathryn Bernardo's triple-lobe piercing that's shaped like a triangle is so simple yet stunning. It's perfect for those who want to level up from the usual double-lobe piercing!

    PHOTO BY Instagram/bernardokath
  2. Here's another cute piercing idea from Kath: Mix some tiny hoops with subtle studs to create an ear party that doesn't look too crowded.

    PHOTO BY Instagram/bernardokath
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  3. Playing around with different textures will make your ear stack look more interesting, too!

  4. Pair your big hoop earrings with a cluster of three tiny studs.

  5. We're loving this stud-hoop-stud-hoop combination on Heart Evangelista.

    PHOTO BY Instagram/iamhearte
  6. The more, the merrier! Why not decorate your lobe with three or four hoop earrings?

    PHOTO BY Instagram/iamhearte
  7. Earlobes that are adorned with colorful jewels are just so pretty.

  8. Don't have time to curate your ears? Try stacking two gold hoops on top of each other! This combination never fails to look chic and can easily elevate a basic outfit.

  9. We're loving this glitzy combo of studs, huggie hoops, and chain earrings.

  10. Add a pop of color to your ear party! Why not incorporate your birthstone into the mix?

  11. This curated ear looks super chic. We also love how the earrings are arranged by size: Big hoop + tiny hoop + subtle stud.

  12. Switch things up with a vertical lobe piercing, wherein earrings are stacked on top of each other in a vertical position.

  13. We're obsessed with Sarah Lahbati's minimalist ear party! To achieve that cohesive look, she adorned her lobes with hoops that all belong to the same color palette.

    PHOTO BY Instagram/sarahlahbati

  14. For a quirky, cool-girl vibe, why not put together random pieces of studs?

  15. This cluster of diamond earrings is playful and classy at the same time!

  16. If you're getting bored with your lobe piercing, you can always put on some ear cuffs or ear bars to give your ear stack a bit more ~oomph~.

  17. "Wrap" your earlobes with huggie hoop earrings on casual days.

  18. The chain earring gave this classic double lobe piercing a ~cool~ vibe.

    PHOTO BY Instagram/vallie__
  19. Decorate your earlobes with pearl studs and hoops for an elegant look.

  20. This space-themed cluster of studs is too cute for words!

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