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Where to Get an Ear Piercing in Quezon City

You don't need to travel far if you're from the North!
It's official: Getting an extra ear piercing is on trend. There are lots of gorgeous curated ear-piercing photos floating around Instagram and Pinterest, and if you're ready for more, the best place to have it done is at a reputable tattoo and

15 Ways You Can Try the Vertical Piercing Trend

So cool!
2018 has been a year of decorating your ears! First, there was the cluster piercing trend, then came constellation piercings, and now, the new "it" thing is vertical piercings.Unlike cluster and constellation ear piercings, the vertical trend requires stacking piercings on top

True Story: I Got an Extra Ear Piercing Because of K-Pop

No, seriously.
Just in case you've been second-guessing going under the needle for that extra ear piercing, you should know you're not alone. In hopes that I might help you make the choice, here are four factors that contributed to my eventual decision:Reason #1: Joshua

You Have to See This New Ear Piercing Trend

Sooo pretty.
Some of us at Preview HQ have gone under the needle several times over—for piercings, that is. We just can't help it! Being the proud purveyors of glittering constellations on our ears is our face-framing technique of choice, and here comes yet