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How to Budget P1000 for an Entire Beauty Routine, According to Laureen Uy

How to Budget P1000 for an Entire Beauty Routine, According to Laureen Uy
Get more bang for your buck!

Building a beauty routine on a budget can be quite the challenging task, but that doesn't mean it's an impossible one. With basic knowledge in math coupled with good decision making, you can always find a way around it. But just in case you're not sure how to go about it, maybe Laureen Uy can help. In one of her YouTube vlogs, the blogger did a drugstore shopping challenge, where she tasked herself to shop a complete makeup and skincare routine with a budget of only 1000 pesos. Spoiler alert: She was successful, thanks to these money-saving tips:

1. Shop for multi-use products.

Multi-use items are great for when you're on a budget, because you're getting more bang for your buck. For example, Laureen opted to skip buying products like blush and eyeshadow, knowing that she could use her lipstick to add color to her cheeks and eyes, too!

2. Make the most out of sales.

You'll find a lot of good deals at the drugstore, and most of the time, they'll help you save a ton of cash. "Buy three for the price of one" deals are especially worth it if they're applied on a product you use often. In Laureen's haul, she snagged three sheet masks for under P100—what a steal!


3. Only get the products you can't skip.

When on a budget, prioritize your must-have products so you're sure to have everything you need in your cart right away. Doing this would also cancel out some skippable steps that'll just cost you extra. Take cues from Laureen, who opted to leave out foundation in her haul since she knew her concealer would give her enough coverage already.

4. Browse more local brands.

We have more homegrown beauty brands at the drugstore than you think, and most of them have quite an affordable price range. Some that you'll spot in Laureen's video are Ever Bilena, Human Nature, and Celeteque Dermoscience—all of which have budget-friendly picks for you to choose from.

Find out what Laureen bought in her 1000-peso haul in the video below!

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