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This Gold-Infused Skincare Line Will Elevate Your Beauty Routine

This Gold-Infused Skincare Line Will Elevate Your Beauty Routine
IMAGE La Prairie
It claims to give your skin an instant radiant boost!

Since the beginning of time, gold has been much desired and sought after by kings and rulers across the world. Its scarcity, brilliance, and permanence made it a measure of wealth. It was made into gold coins, jewelry, and other objects of desire. Gold is also the color of the sun, especially during that sliver of time between day and night, when the sun bathes the world in resplendent golden light.

As luxurious and valuable as gold is, what exactly can it do for our skin? Well, La Prairie's new Pure Gold collection showcases the mineral's fascinating properties. For one, gold can instantly give your skin an illuminating and radiant boost! The gold particles on the surface immediately imbue it with light, giving you a bright and glowing skin complexion.

PHOTO BY La Prairie

After penetrating the top layer, replenishing active ingredients attached to the gold particles are gradually released to nourish and revitalize the skin, and then linger to reconstruct it over the long term. Thus your skin can boast of a radiance similar to the golden hour in the Swiss Alps where this luxuious skincare line is made. 


PHOTO BY La Prairie

La Prairie recommends to start with the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate, a rich serum which melts into the skin, and makes it glow. Next, the Pure Gold Radiance Cream that hydrates and restores the skin till it glistens, and finish your luxurious beauty routine with the Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream that illuminates the area around the eyes, making you feel you’re worth your weight in gold.

La Prairie's Pure Gold collection is available at Rustan’s and

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