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Here's How Klea Pineda Deals with Nasty Comments

Here's How Klea Pineda Deals with Nasty Comments
IMAGE Melson Bolongaita
Staying positive is key.

As a young actress, Klea Pineda is always put under the microscopic view of society more than most girls. With her line of work, it's harder to cancel out the external voices that always seem to have comments on everything that she does. But Klea knows better. We caught up with her and had a short chat on how she deals with nasty comments. Read on and see how she maturely handles criticism!


IMAGE Melson Bolongaita

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As an actress, you're always in the spotlight. Because of this, have you ever been called names because of your body type? How did you feel about those comments?

"Sometimes they tell me I am fat. Of course, I get conscious with those comments and insecure sometimes. But I have learned how to take criticisms constructively. "

How do you deal with this emotionally and concretely?

"I begin by dealing with it on an emotional level. I take time to self-reflect, and if there’s truth to what they say, I work on ways to improve myself. If I do notice that I am gaining weight in several areas, I use their comments as motivation to lose weight, to be healthier."

How did you learn to accept and love the body that you have? What pushed you to this way of thinking?

"I’ve learned to be more thankful of my body. I am thankful that I have a body that is functioning, healthy and complete. Not everyone has this blessing. I believe that a way to show gratitude I have toward my body is by learning how to help it to be the best that it can be. It's a process that entails going to the gym and being more careful about what I put into my mouth -- having a balanced diet, avoiding junk food, etc."

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What advice can you give to other girls like you?

"I’d tell girls like me to stop placing their self-worth on other people’s opinions. To all those precious girls out there: stop thinking that you are fat, ugly, not worthy. Stop, because you are beautiful! If you're not yet satisfied about what you have and who you are, then work on it but do it for yourself. There's something in you that only you have, and that makes you very special. Always remember that."

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