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How to Train Like an It Girl

How to Train Like an It Girl
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Coach Arnold Aninion clues us in on their workout routine.

We don’t know about you, but whenever we hear someone say “celebrity fitspiration,” a picture of the It girls hitting the gym is the first thing that comes to mind—Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, and Isabelle Daza make working out look oh-so-cool. And frankly, what better motivation is there than seeing hardworking girls achieve their tiptop shape? When it comes to fitness, they most certainly make no excuses!


Enter Arnold Aninion, the It girls’ go-to fitness trainer a.k.a. one of the masterminds behind their fit and healthy bodies that make almost all of us green with envy. “I have been training various artists for a while now. [I was introduced] to Anne a year or two ago, and from there our trainings really blossomed. Even now, with the rest of the girls onboard, I couldn't be more excited and privileged to work with them individually,” Coach Arnold tells Preview. Under his tutelage, he helps celebrities like Sarah Lahbati, Lovi Poe, and Georgina Wilson reach their fitness goals. He also recently played a crucial role in the amazing transformation of Raymond Gutierrez that left all of us in awe.

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How to train like an It girl?

It’s the question we know most of you have, so naturally, we went ahead and asked Coach Arnold for some fitness advice: What exactly does it take to train like an It girl?

“Each of the girls has different fitness goals, but their mornings usually start with some fasted cardio either on the treadmill or hill sprints,” he reveals. After doing a morning run, they head back to the gym for some resistance training. “We work on various forms of lifting ranging from isolation work, compound movements, circuit training, and lastly, hybrid density training, which is something I like to work with the girls a lot as the workouts are intense. And given their tight schedules, we can perform more volume in a small amount of time. After weights, we would finish off with some more cardio either on the treadmill or more sprints on the track and finally perform some stretches to finish off the session.”


Here are some videos that might help you with your own workout routine:

Lovi and Solenn’s “slowly getting to the banyo” move. LOL.


Trying to make up for your cheat day? Do it the Belle Daza way!

Here’s one of Solenn teaching us how it’s done.


Lesson learned: It’s always more fun (and effective) to work out with a friend. Got it, Anne!

And while you’re at it, keep telling this to yourself: "I can do it!"

How do you keep them motivated?

 “As I mentioned, each of the girls has different goals and leads entirely separate lives from one another. I have to really sit down with each one and get to know what they really want, and from there, build a plan that will get them to that goal safely and in the time they require. Once I understand this, I put together the best plan to get them to their desired fitness goal and, when needed, I would continue to remind them what their goals are and push them every day to their very limits,” Coach Arnold explains. “What I can tell you is that each of the girls is passionate about what they do and their work ethic is outstanding, which is why they are who they are and why so many are inspired by what they do.”


Great results cannot be achieved overnight, so even when you already feel like giving up, just don’t. Instead, channel your inner It girl and work hard to be the best version of yourself!

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