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How to Talk to a Makeup Artist to Get the Exact Look You Want

Celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga clues us in.
How to Talk to a Makeup Artist to Get the Exact Look You Want Celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga clues us in.

In my 13 years of experience as a working makeup artist, whenever I ask clients about what look they want, the standard answers are usually “Ikaw na bahala,” or “I just want natural makeup.” While most ladies are usually pretty trusting, and in the end, satisfied with my approach to makeup, there are a handful whose beauty preferences sometimes end up getting lost in translation.

“Natural” to some can sometimes mean statement lips and full brows. Others may prefer a full face of foundation to even out their complexion as opposed to having their skin show through. In the end, you want to get the best possible results from your session with your makeup artist, and to achieve that, communication is very important.

Here are some pointers to remember when speaking to a makeup artist when having your face done for that special occasion:

1. Begin the session with a warm conversation.

It helps to have an open dialogue with your makeup artist before the session begins. After all he or she will be working on your face for the next hour or so. Exchange pleasantries and establish communication between yourself and the artist.

2. Discuss your preferred look verbally and with visual aids.


Before makeup is applied, a pro makeup artist will begin by doing a consult on your preferred look. The execution of a smokey eye or a red lipstick may vary from artist to artist and perception is almost always relative when it comes to makeup. After mentioning what kind of makeup you would like to have whether it be a no-makeup or a glamorous red carpet look, it always helps to have photos of makeup looks that you like on your smart phone or cutouts from magazines. Show these to your makeup artist so that he/she has a clear picture and possibly vision, of what your look would end up like. 

3. Show your dress or a photo of your outfit to the artist.

To further lock down the final look for your session, an image of your gown or bringing your actual dress would be ideal so that the artist can recommend a color palette that works for your skin tone as well as the outfit. If the artist also has some knowledge of fashion then he or she should also be able to recommend looks that would complement the feel of your outfit. 

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4. Tell your makeup artist about your existing makeup routine.

While I always ask clients about their comfort level, knowledge and daily regimen when it comes to makeup, not all artists will do the same. I suggest telling your artist about how you do your makeup on a daily basis and what products you use. Maybe even show photos of yourself wearing makeup, as well as problem areas you’d like to address such as dark circles, droopy eyes or lack of definition. This will help your artist build a clearer image of what your final look will be, based on your chosen makeup peg. 


5. Mention any makeup allergies or product sensitivities.

Before the artist applies any skincare or makeup products on your face, it would be best to mention any allergies from brands or ingredients that may irritate your skin and cause problems. Now would also be the best time to mention any sensitivity to eyeliner application, lashes, curlers or other eye makeup implements. 

6. Don’t be afraid to give feedback. 


I like to think of each makeup session as collaboration between the client and the artist. While the makeup artist is a professional, giving your input on the makeup as well as your comfort during the session is key to helping get the best results possible. Always do so in a polite and professional manner.

In the end each makeup session with your chosen artist should be a fun, pleasurable and hassle-free experience when you want to get glammed up for that big event. Remember to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to express your preferences and aspirations when it comes to your beauty goals. 

Makeup artist Jigs Mayuga is's guest editor for the month of June. When he's not beautifying the faces of your favorite celebrities, he dedicates his time to the discipline of CrossFit. If you like his tips, you can check out his YouTube channel for more makeup know-how!

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