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How to Style Bangs That Are Growing Out, According to a Hairstylist

Work that awkward length to your advantage!
How to Style Bangs That Are Growing Out, According to a Hairstylist
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Work that awkward length to your advantage!

Every season, a new hair trend resurfaces and manages to capture the hearts of It girls all over the world. Remember the mermaid locks in 2013? The lob in 2016? Well, now, we have French bangs a la Amélie Poulain being sported by your favorite style icons.

Since the swing era, getting a fringe has been the easiest way to dramatically change up one's look. Be it to minimize a high forehead, to make a statement, or to simply frame the face, chopping one's bangs is a surefire way to exude an edgy flair. Blunt, side swept, wispy, or parted—no matter what variation your bangs come in, it gets the job done. Until today, we see fashion-forward celebrities and influencers alike hopping on the bangs train. “It’s become a permanent accessory—once your bangs are secure, you can pull off any look,” says Gary Lumapas of Mimarse Uno Salon & Spa. He notes, though, that it's also important to know how to properly handle your bangs' awkward growing-out stage. (We all know the struggle!) So with the help of a trusted expert, we’re listing down five 'dos you can sport to keep your fringe in check. No fuss—just the chicest yet easiest styles to keep your look fresh and current! 


1. Braided

Plaiting your bangs into braids instantly gives you a cleaner and more youthful aura. Not only is it universally flattering, it also adds more dimension to your hairstyle, as opposed to simply pinning back limp sections of your hair with a bobby pin. Among all of the 'dos requested of him, this is what Gary finds most suitable for his clients since it never fails to soften and complement the naturally rounded Asian facial structure.

2. Updo

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“In my opinion, updos are a big no-no if only the bangs are kept down.” Gary shares. French twists or bouffants are meant to age a person, giving a more mature look. On the other hand, fringes do the opposite by adding a youthful flare—most movies that include a woman with a flashback scene will show her either donning a ponytail or bangs to create the illusion of adolescence. Putting the two together will create confusion and pose two contradicting messages. Despite this, updos are still often inescapable, especially in formal events. In these cases, Gary recommends a fully pinned up hairstyle, that sweeps your bangs out of the picture. That way, you can retain that sleek look.

3. Top Knot


Consider top knots your best friend. This way, you can give a more defined shape to your hair when your bangs are in an awkward length. Your bangs might be too short for a low ponytail, but they're long enough to be gathered into a top knot. Sure, you'll need a few bobby pins here and there, but the charm in this hairstyle lies in its effortless-looking vibe, so you won't need to worry about it looking too neat and polished.

4. Beach waves


Gone are the days when “getting all dressed up” meant tight tendrils and Goldilocks-esque curls. Back then, if you wanted your awkward bangs to blend in with the rest of your hair, you would either have to curl every section in the same size and tightness, or you would have to flawlessly keep it back with more hairspray than pins. “Now, young people have paved the way for more natural, faux-messy, ‘I woke up like this’ styling,” Gary explains. He recommends beach waves for that perfect balance of bedhead meets salon-quality 'do. After all, nothing serves a devil-may-care attitude better than loose waves that are anything but perfect.

5. Clips


First popularized in the '80s, barrettes are back and can now be seen on practically everyone—from your favorite Instagrammer to your cool tita who's heading out for brunch. Luckily, this trend works wonders for those dealing with growing bangs, too. “Now that fringes are less about being trendy and more about self-expression, people use them to convey their mood,” says Gary, referring to the different ways people let their bangs drape. In this case, a center-parted fringe clipped back to reveal your eyes is always a good idea. Go for cute hair accessories like bejeweled barrettes, pearl-encrusted pins, or even statement clips!

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