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How to Prevent Body Odor

Keep those unpleasant smells at bay.
How to Prevent Body Odor
Keep those unpleasant smells at bay.

Where there's sweat, there's usually body odor—specifically in your underarms. If you don't want to feel conscious about the peculiar smell that accompanies perspiration, read on for our seven tips below:

1. Use a cleanser during your shower.

Washing your armpits with water is never enough to get rid of all the buildup from the deodorant and lotions you previously applied. For a thorough cleanse, you can try this oil cleansing hack to melt away all the residue.

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2. Go in with anti-bacterial soap

Now that your underarms are squeaky clean and moisturized, you can proceed to wash them with anti-bacterial soap. We recommend using sulfur soap, as Reader's Digest reported it "kills bacteria and reduces buildup in pores."


IMAGE Dr. S. Wong's

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3. Apply an anti-perspirant on dry armpits.

Once your pits are dry, go in with an anti-perspirant to reduce future sweating! If your underarm area is constantly dry, bacteria won't be able to breed and cause the unwanted smell. [Via WebMD]


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4. DIY it!

If you prefer a more natural approach to caring for your underarms, there are numerous recipes you can try to reduce their odor! According to Live Strong, ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and witch hazel lower the skin's pH levels, making it tough for bacteria to thrive.


IMAGE Dickinson's

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5. Wear breathable clothing.

You will sweat less and be more comfortable if fabric isn't clinging onto your skin! Live Strong recommended going for clothing made out of cotton as it's more breathable.

6. Keep your armpits hair-free.

According to WebMD, a hairless underarm prevents the accumulation of bacteria, therefore reducing body odor. 

IMAGE Schick

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7. Change your diet

Strong-smelling foods such as garlic and curry "can seep through your pores and cause BO," as reported by WebMD. To find out if something you're eating is the cause of the smell, cut it out from your meals for one to two weeks. This should determine if food changes are indeed necessary to reduce odor.

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