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How to Get Korean Straight Eyebrows Without Plucking

The K-beauty trend you'll want to cop!
How to Get Korean Straight Eyebrows Without Plucking
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/3ce_official
The K-beauty trend you'll want to cop!

Truth is, the very prospect of plucking our eyebrows into an unnatural shape scares us silly. Sure, they'll grow back, but if the job gets botched we'll have to wait a good few weeks to restore our arches to their original glory. That said, how is a beauty girl supposed to hop 0n the coveted Korean brows trend without touching a tweezer?Below, your solution: A quick and easy guide on how to set things straight.

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/3ce_official


Pick an eyebrow pencil or shadow that's a tinge lighter than your own natural brow color. As you’ll be drawing over your brows, staying a touch lighter will ensure that they don’t look unnaturally drawn on or too dark. Create an outline of straight brows around your natural shapedon’t be afraid to go a tiny bit thicker than usual.




Fill in the empty areas and draw lightly over your own brows to create a seamless finish. Try not to get too heavy-handed, lest you run the risk of sporting brows that look plastered on.


Blend, blend, blend with a spoolie! The final product should lend a fresh, youthful glow to your facecoupled with the signature Korean dewy complexion, you've got years pared off of your look. 

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