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How to Do the Korean-Inspired No-Makeup Look

How to Do the Korean-Inspired No-Makeup Look Here's a step-by-step guide to copping their famous rosy luminous glow.

I am a big fan of Korean culture: I can eat haemul pajeon all day every day, I am fascinated by their language, and I get all dorky binge-watching Korean dramas. So can you imagine my delight when I learned that Banila Co., a multi-awarded Korean cosmetic brand, has finally reached our local shores? I was ecstatic, to say the least.

During the launch, the beauty brand introduced Style Bible to their most in-demand products that are selling like hotcakes not only in South Korea but also in mainland China. Another highlight of the event was a beauty tutorial by Banila Co.’s chief makeup artist, Kangpil Kim. And the best part? He even shared with us the secret to nailing their famous no-makeup look!

Herewith, a step-by-step guide:

Clean It Zero, P875, Banila Co.

Step 1: Cleanse and moisturize.

You’re off to a good start if you have a clean, moisturized face as base. After you’re done cleansing your face to get rid of dirt and sebum, apply skin toner and then moisturizer next.


It Radiant CC Cream, P1195, Banila Co.

Step 2: Prep the skin for makeup application.

To achieve the sheer, luminous effect, lock in moisture with Banila Co’s CC Cream. It corrects the yellowness and redness while brightening your skin without looking like you applied anything on your face.

It Radiant CC Cushion SPF 30, P1680, Banila Co.

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Step 3: Opt for a water-based, lightweight coverage.

Banila Co’s CC Cushion is water-based and not the powdery type so it replenishes moisture and retains the hydrated, dewy look. To keep it as natural-looking as possible, instead of applying the product on your entire face, pat the cushion gently around the heart zone or the main center of your face, including your T-zone, eye area, upper lip, chin, and the apple of your cheeks.

Garosu Eyeshadow, P1440, Banila Co.

Step 4: Go for straight, thick brows.

One of the key factors to nailing the Korean no-makeup look is going for the straight, thick eyebrow. Start drawing your brow from the outer edge and then gently fill in the sparse areas. Instead of going for a sharp arch, opt for a smoother, more natural-looking eyebrow look.


Brow Cara, Banila Co.

Step 5: Give more volume to the eyebrows.

Using Banila Co’s Brow Cara, you can add more volume to your brows and give an illusion of wispier hair growth. Note: Always match it with your hair color, or choose a shade at least one tone brighter.

Triple Wonder Eyeliner, Banila Co.

Step 6: Draw a subtle line on your upper lash line.

Koreans hate smudging eyeliner, so with Banila Co, they’ve developed a smudge-proof and waterproof formula that will stay put without giving you raccoon-like eyes at the end of the day. Using the Triple Wonder Eyeliner on your upper lash line, carefully fill in the gaps between the lashes to naturally accentuate your eyes.

Garosu Lip Lacquer, P675, Banila Co.

Step 7: Go for the gradient lip.

A bold lippie will give away that you’re wearing makeup, so instead of going down that road, Koreans opt for a gradient effect on their puckers. Use the CC Cushion one again and gently pat around your mouth, and then dab a little bit of the lip lacquer on the center of your lip. Blend the hard edges with a cotton bud and you’ll have that Korean-inspired gradient lip.

Step 8: Give your cheeks a natural-looking flush.

Because Koreans prefer dewy moisturized look over matte finish, instead of using blush powder on the cheeks, they opt for a creamy formula. The trick here is to use the same lip lacquer you applied on your pout earlier and blend it with the same CC Cream from Step 2. Its result is a creamy pink blush that you can dab on the apple of your cheeks for a natural-looking rosy glow.

Banila Co. is now open at Glorietta 4, Makati, Metro Manila.

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