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How to Air-dry Your Hair for Summer

And avoid frizz while you’re at it.
How to Air-dry Your Hair for Summer And avoid frizz while you’re at it.

When the weather app tells you that today’s temperature is at 36 degrees, blasting your head with a dryer is the last thing you want to do while primping yourself for the day. Should your hair decide to cooperate, you could end up with perfectly dishevelled locks ala Alexa Chung or Cara Delevingne. The worst that could happen is for it to look like you’ve used your hair to wipe down your fogged –up bathroom mirror. Gross. Either way, opting to air-dry your mane is totally do-able should you wish to take a break from styling tools that, really, only add to the damage done to your precious locks.

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Frist things first, try to get most of the water out by drying off with a shirt. You’re probably wondering, “Why not use a towel?” You see here, the main thing you want to avoid when air-drying is the chance of ending up with frizzy, unmanageable locks. Using a towel creates friction therefore causing frizz. Also, avoid hair getting knotty by combing through it a couple of times, best while in the shower and using a wide tooth comb so hair doesn’t break. You’ll want to limit the combing as you’re trying to work with your hair’s natural texture. Just run through your hair twice or thrice.


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Next step for you is to load up on the product. This is the real secret to that famous, rolled-out-of-bed look all the runway models love so much. Using product is key as it stops your hair from getting too fluffy. You’ll also want to go for leave-in products that aren’t heat-activated like most styling products that are designed to create volume. Again you’re trying to work with your natural texture so best to keep it simple. A nice cream or a serum would help tame it down as it dries.

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Lastly, leave it be. It might seem tempting to do more things to your hair but resist the urge and just let the air do its thing. Focus on your breakfast, the morning news, your driving, anything, really! That’s the whole point of air-drying, letting nature run its course. So go, enjoy the heat and let your hair down. 

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