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Here’s How to Start Your Day Like an Olympian

Here’s How to Start Your Day Like an Olympian
Beat mornings like a champ.

For the average Jane, morning routines are most likely composed of pressing the snooze button three times and dragging yourself into the shower. For breakfast, well, the fastest possible thing you can put together is usually a cup of coffee. And then the rest of the morning just flies by while you’re at work or school.

But how do the fittest and most active people in the world take on the same struggle in the morning? How do they get all that energy to snag medals and make their countries proud? Turns out, the secret lies in what they do right after they wake up.

1. Have a manageable sleep schedule.


Olympic athletes don’t cheat their sleep schedules because they know and believe that it’s the secret to remaining alert and always at an edge. It's one of their secrets to success other than hard work and dedication. A good night's sleep helps you have a positive outlook and do well in your activities, giving you ample energy throughout the day. In short, champs put their phone away before midnight to catch up on sleep. They don't stay up until 3AM watching Netflix on a weekday like we usually would.

2. Breakfast is crucial.


You might think that female Olympians consume an entire day’s worth of calories first thing in the morning, but they don’t go that far. Most of them go for fruits, oats, omelettes, or toast with some jam or peanut butter, keeping it light with a much needed protein punch for their rigorous morning trainings. American gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas once shared that she opts for oatmeal, banana, and tea before training, while curler Jessica Schultz opts for a cheesy two-egg-white omelet with spinach and tomato plus some coffee. For more inspiration, this article by Refinery29 has tons of gorgeously shot and Olympian-approved breakfast meals.

You know what this means, right? You can’t really skip breakfast if you want to be a champion.

3. Hype yourself up for the day.

As for a more unique routine, meet British gymnast Louis Smith. In a cereal ad he starred in, Louis was so prepared for the Olympics that he began incorporating his gymnastics routine into how he moved around the house after waking up. Now he probably doesn’t do it to this level in real life, but in an interview with Daily Mail, he said he does believe in starting your day strong

A good morning routine can indeed set the tone for the day ahead. So take some inspiration from our beloved Olympic athletes and start your mornings right.

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