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This 3-Step Routine Will Help You Blur (Not Conceal!) Blemishes

It's all in the technique.
This 3-Step Routine Will Help You Blur (Not Conceal!) Blemishes
IMAGE Kiehls, Laura Mercier, Snoe
It's all in the technique.

It’s a vicious yet common cycle: Blemishes have yet to clear and, already, more resurface. But we’ve had enough. We come armed with the right concoctions to wage a war against the frustration of flawless skin. 

Photoshop-inspired products have brought about a new beauty philosophy—blur instead of conceal—all coming with a fresh, grease-free finish. Choose your tool wisely! Below, a three-step stealth tactic that's foolproof. Time to get even. 


IMAGE Kiehls

 KIEHL'S Micro-Blur Skin Perfector, P1795, Power Plant

Plus points for this emulsion that’s waterbased: It doesn’t clog pores and diminishes their appearance in four weeks.



 SNOE Eau La La Magical Liquid Powder, P899, TriNoma

Here's your best defense against environmental aggressors; it has antioxidants and vitamin C. It’s a unique powder-to-liquid (not vice versa!) formulation, used under and over makeup, that stays on and on.


IMAGE Laura Mercier

LAURA MERCIER Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide, P2250, Rustan’s

While your skin isn’t at its tip-top shape just yet, fake your A-game with an ultra-light blurring cover that lasts as long as you can on whatever battlefield, resisting sweat, water, and humidity.

*This story originally appeared in Preview Magazine's August 2014 issue.