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10 Flattering Hair Color Ideas for Girls with Short Hair

These are the best shades to pair with your short 'do!
10 Flattering Hair Color Ideas for Girls with Short Hair
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These are the best shades to pair with your short 'do!

Whatever your reason is for chopping off your locks for a shorter ‘do, there is something undeniably fun and youthful about having short hair. Whether you opt for a modest lob, a chic chin-length bob, or a spunky pixie cut, short hair is just so easy to wear and maintain. Not to mention, it’s perfect for our humid weather all year around.

To add dimension to your new shoulder-grazing hairstyle, may we suggest you pair it with an equally flattering hair color? Dyeing your hair in the right shade will amplify your haircut, your natural hair texture, and even enhance your skin tone—whether that’s bronzing up your tan or making your pale white skin look rosier than usual. But with the vast options available in terms of cut and color, picking the best combination can be daunting. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down some of the best options if you’ve got no idea what to search on Pinterest.

Here are 10 flattering short haircut plus matching hair color ideas to try if you’re ready to give up your long locks for a new look:


Face-framing blond highlights and a cool brown balayage + Asymmetrical lob

To fake depth and texture on a single-length haircut, the balayage technique is a perfect to achieve the illusion of volume and layers. The blonde highlights by the sides of your face also help frame your cheeks and give you this more angular look. Dark roots are a plus and will make the color grow out beautifully and seamlessly.


Warm ash brown + Chin-length bob with wispy bangs

Ash brown hair is definitely a must-try! Since the shade requires you to bleach your hair multiple times, trying it out with a shorter ‘do isn’t as time-consuming to achieve in the salon. Ash brown also lightens your features and gives this more feminine look despite the razor sharpness of your bob.


Red orange + Lob with curtain bangs

There’s just something about sunny red hair that makes fair to medium skin tones even brighter. Just look at Hayley Williams of Paramore or actress Jessica Chastain, who’ve sported this cut as natural red-heads. This color looks great on a lob with curtain bangs to frame your face. This also looks even better on girls with thick or naturally voluminous hair. Since the color is so striking and unique, even haphazard hairstyles like a messy bun or ponytail will look effortlessly chic with this color.

Copper brown red + Chin-length bob

If you’re not sure if you’d like to try a warm brown hue or a more reddish tone, then why not both? Copper brown is a great in between because of its red-orange undertone beneath the predominantly brown shade. This looks great on a bob—styled straight or messy, this style amplifies your hair’s texture especially if you have thin hair.


Beige blonde with dark roots + Subtly layered shoulder-length hair

The key to making your blonde hair last longer is to leave your roots untouched. You can consult with your colorist regarding the dye application so your color grows out beautifully and gradually. Since Asian hair also has naturally red or yellow undertones, you can opt for this ashy blonde or beige blond color to fight off the brassiness. The hue also looks great on a wide variety of skin tones—it actually makes morena skin even bronzer and tan! To add a little depth to your color, make sure to get a lob with layered edges. This way, when you choose to curl your hair, it’ll look naturally wavy and tousled.

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Icy platinum blonde + Blunt chin-length bob

Nothing looks more stylishly intimidating than platinum blonde hair in a sleek bob. Though this color isn’t for the faint of heart, this cut and color combo will make any outfit look instantly chic. Because it’s a statement style, a simple shirt and jeans ‘fit or a pair of sweats will look classy and put-together. For a bolder look, you can even opt to fill in your brows darker or actually bleach them to match. Just make sure you commit to a religious anti-brassy aftercare routine to maintain this shade’s cool hue.


Brown black + Chin-length bob with full bangs

Lisa of BLACKPINK is the perfect example of how good this cut and color combo is. The style is very youthful and fun and frames your face perfectly if you want to hide round cheeks or sparse brows. The cut also lets you focus on your eyes and lips in terms of makeup. Not to mention, it’s a very wash-and-wear type of cut! To keep it natural, you can opt to stick to your virgin dark brown hair; or if you’re transitioning from a lighter color, pick a brown black shade. A drugstore bought box dye will do, too!

Jet black + Forehead-bearing pixie cut

If you’re planning to go short, you might want to try to get your shortest cut yet! A pixie haircut might look daunting but it could be the most fuss-free hairstyle you’d ever wear. This style looks beautiful on girls with small round faces as it opens up your features. Dyed in jet black, the cut feels a lot more grown-up, sexy, and quite commanding.



Bright-colored dip dye + Chin-length layered bob

Scared to try an eye-catching hair color that might be more than you bargained for? Then try out that dream hue you’ve been saving on Pinterest just as an accent on the ends of your tresses. Since a dip-dye means a severe color transition, you can ask your colorist for a soft ombre or balayage effect to ease the color into your natural hair. Our reco is to go bold and try bright shades liker aquamarine, hot pink, and even neon green ala Billie Eilish to make the most of it!

Rose gold or pastel pink + Shoulder or chin-length bob

When in doubt, pink is the way to go. There’s something about pastel pink that’s simply dreamy, and it’s a relatively neutral shade to try out that doesn’t grab too much attention compared to other unique hair colors. If you’re not into pink as much, a rose gold hue will also work. The best thing of about this color is that it looks good right after your wash your hair, styled straight, curled, tied up, or just naturally messy.

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