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7 Fragrance Mists to Keep Your Hair from Foul Odor

No more kitchen smells.
7 Fragrance Mists to Keep Your Hair from Foul Odor
IMAGE Lush, Snoe, Messy Bessy
No more kitchen smells.

Truthfully, we have nothing against strong odors—as long as they don't stick to our hair and clothes. Because when they do, we have no choice but to douse ourselves in perfume. While that makes sense, no one should waste a precious bottle for that purpose. A better alternative? Grab yourself a refreshing all-over spray that'll lift the odors right out. It'll be as if that commute and cafeteria trip never happened!

IMAGE Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy Sportz Spritzer, P130,

For a light, post-gym refresh, spritz this on and you'll feel fresh out of the shower.

IMAGE Beautymnl

Beauty Bakery Delicious Hair & Body Spray in Watermelon, P360, Beautymnl

This stuff deodorizes and soothes, thanks to aloe vera.


Snoe Stink Positive Instant Shower Spray in Rain Shower, P1199, 

Smell shower fresh in an instant, even when you're not.

IMAGE Calyxta

Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance, P750, Calyxta

Take your hair from the kitchen to a rose garden with this luxurious spray.


Lush Dirty Body Spray, TriNoma

A clean whiff of spearmint, tarragon, and sandalwood that both you and your boyfriend can carry around.

IMAGE Calyxta

Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater, P500, Calyxta

This fragrance is multi-purpose and proud of it. It can be your toner, perfume, and hair rinse all at once!

IMAGE Zalora

ForMe All Over Mist, P128, Zalora

The name says it all. Mist this all over to rock a refreshing, sweet scent.


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