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5 Myths About the Gua Sha You Need to Stop Believing

Nope, it's not an alternative to botox.
5 Myths About the Gua Sha You Need to Stop Believing
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Nope, it's not an alternative to botox.

Long before it became trendy online, the Gua Sha had long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and enhance the qi energy flow within the body. Now, it's being used primarily as a face massage tools, gaining popularity for its "contouring" benefits.

That said, because the Gua Sha has become so popular, many of the claims being made about it have made us question whether they are actually true or just overpromised. To set the record straight, here's a list of common myths about the tool you shouldn't fall for:

Myths About the Gua Sha

Myth #1: It can reshape your nose and jaw.

Claims that the Gua Sha can slim the nose and reshape the jawline are all myths! The beauty tool only helps with lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and in boosting blood circulation. It will not permanently change your facial structure in any way.


Myth #2: The material matters.

All Gua Shas work the same regardless of their material. Having it made in jade or rose quartz has its benefits, but it would not make it any more effective than, for example, a steel Gua Sha. As long as it has the correct shape and you take note of the correct technique when massaging your skin, then you'll be just fine!

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Myth #3: It's a substitute for botox.

One of the benefits of the beauty tool is that it helps relax muscle tension—one of the many contributing factors to wrinkle formation. Although the Gua Sha can give you a subtle botox-like effect, it, however, will not come close to the results of getting an actual injection.

Myth #4: It can only be used on the face.

The benefits of the Gua Sha extends beyond the face—it can be used on the body, too! Applying long, deliberate strokes on the back, neck, arms, and legs can help relieve stress and budding muscle tensions; moreover, improve blood circulation in those areas.

Myth #5: It works for everyone.

Unfortunately, Gua Sha massages are not ideal for individuals with acne or rosacea as it can worsen skin inflammation. Caution should be taken as well by those who have sensitive skin, rashes, and sunburnt spots. When in doubt, it's always best to consult with your trusted dermatologist if you think the beauty tool may not be a friendly match with your skin!

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