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LOTD: Georgina Wilson Went Blonde for a Night and Here's How She Did It

LOTD: Georgina Wilson Went Blonde for a Night and Here's How She Did It
IMAGE Courtesy of Renz Pangilinan
She wore a wig, but how did it look so REAL?

Georgina Wilson is no stranger to making an entrance, but going full rainbow at the Sunnies Face party was definitely something else. "I don't normally wear too much color, but [Sunnies] Face is such a color-obsessed brand that I thought it might be fun," she tells Preview.

And what better inspiration for color than the '70s? She went all out with a rainbow sequin dress from Attico punctuated by a lilac hue for her eye makeup, and to top it all off, she showed up with blonde hair! Though it was a wig, Georgina reveals that it wouldn't have been if she had the chance.

"Funny story is I've been wanting to go blonde for SO long—over three years now. I've just been so busy with the business, the baby, etc. that I haven't really found the right time to do it," she opens up. In fact, she even tried to jump on the bleached hair train last week in LA! "I went to this amazing colorist, Cassondra Kaeding, and she didn't let me color my hair because she said it was too severe to do in one day." So they shopped for a wig instead, a.k.a. the same wig she wore at the event!


IMAGE Courtesy of Renz Pangilinan

We asked hairstylist Renz Pangilinan, who did the It girl's hair for the event, how it turned out so well. "The wig was in a different cut and style, so I chopped off [the layers] and turned it into a blunt long bob, just like her real hair now," he says.

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But how did it looks so real? Well, Renz points out that making the top of your head look as flat as possible is key. He suggests braiding the hair before putting on the wig and avoiding lumps at the top and on the sides of your head. He sewed in another elastic at the back of Georgina's wig, and then glued it in the front (you can also use wig tape!) to make the edges more secure. Then, he prepped the hair with IGK's Beach Club Texture Spray ($29, Sephora) and Down & Out Dirty Spray ($29, Sephora) for effortless texture before creating undone waves with Ghd's Curve Creative Curl Wand ($139, Ghd)


That said, a well-laid wig definitely takes a bit of work, but as you can probably tell by Georgina's photos, it's all worth it in the end!

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