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What Is a Cleansing Brush and Why Do You Need One?

Face washing gets a tech upgrade.
What Is a Cleansing Brush and Why Do You Need One?
IMAGE Clarisonic, Clinique
Face washing gets a tech upgrade.

As if you needed another gadget to clutter your life, here we are, saying that the time of the electronic face brush is now. Preview girls, of all girls, know, of course, that the said apparatus has been in the market for a while, but for the most part we've just been ogling it from the manicured hands of YouTube beauty gurus, editors/insiders, or friends who were caught in the ruckus of a Sephora sale frenzy and grabbed one abroad.

But we're being adamant by saying it's high time that everyone get their hands on the gizmo as, more than ever, the runways have hailed clean skin as the trend du saison. Think of it as normcore for beauty (yes, we're going there), where the look finds triumph in being as basic as possible.

Frill-less, flawless skincare in lieu of a makeup-loaded face as the season's top beauty imperative? It's as phenomenal as it is simple, because we've all been so used to piling on foundation to create a face. But beauty's new now tells you that as far as skin is concerned, the look is no look, so it's just right that someone lights a torch for the democratization of the electronic face brush. We're not telling you to do a clean sweep of your makeup box and say a hasty goodbye to products, but, as far we beauty-related acquisitions are concerned, our priority is a tool that promises to step up the most basic way we care for our face. After all, there are more brands to choose from in the market—yes, even locally. Whether the clean skin trend lasts, good ol' beauty wisdom—the kind unaided by any form of technology, mind you—dictates: Great skin is the perfect base to any beauty look. Below, three brands with cleansing brushes worth a (thorough) sweep:


1. Olay

This one approaches cleansing differently. Its rotating bristles—with both low and high speeds—promise to effectively remove surface dirt from the skin. Its small head (the smallest in radius) allows for targeted cleansing that covers all bases. It comes without a bristle cap but is handy enough to tote around.

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OLAY ProX Advanced Cleansing System, P1699, Lazada

2. Clinique

With an ova-lshaped head and angled brushes specially designed to target irregularly contour surfaces such as the forehead, chin, T-zone, and cheeks, this one's great for digging deep into often untouched crevices of the face. It's the lightest and most practical for storage, with its 4.5-inch handle.

PHOTO BY Clinique

CLINIQUE Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, P5950, SM Megamall

3. Clarisonic

This crowd favorite boasts of two speed options for customized cleansing, and a smart T-Timer that indicates when it's time to move to another part of the face. This makes for thorough cleansing all throughout, perfect for those who tend to fixate on one area.

PHOTO BY Clarisonic

CLARISONIC Mia 2, $199,

*This story originally appeared in Preview Magazine's July 2015 issue.

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