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5 of the Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

For crazy rich perfume lovers.
5 of the Most Expensive Perfumes in the World
IMAGE Clive Christian
For crazy rich perfume lovers.

Scents can have a major impact on our emotions and memories, so it's no surprise that many consider a bottle of perfume as an investment. However, the spectrum of fragrances is wide, and some are so delicately made that they deserve a truly hefty price tag. In fact, we found five of the most expensive ones out there—and here's why they might actually be worth it.

#5. JAR Bolt of Lightning

Price: $380 per ounce (or approximately P19,648.66)

This perfume launched over a decade ago yet it still remains popular amongst luxury items. It is a majestic oriental and floral fragrance infused with tuberose and green notes, poured into a handcut bottle created by jeweler Joel A. Rosenthal.

IMAGE Fragrantica

#4.  Caron Poivre

Price: €1100 for 7.5ml (or approximately P69,089.46)

To commemorate 50 years of fragrance production, French brand Caron created this crystal-cased fragrance that combines peppery notes (poivre means pepper in French) with a woody base and a rich floral heart.


#3. Chanel N°5 Parfum Grand Extrait

Price: $2150 for 7.5ml (or approximately P111,170.05)

Chanel's most luxurious scent is grand, feminine, and exudes the smell of exceptional Rose de Mai and jasmine from Grasse. It's the grandest presentation of the classic N°5, housed in a bottle cut like a diamond.

IMAGE Chanel

#2. Clive Christian No. 1

Price: $2150 per ounce (or approximately P111,170.05)

English brand Clive Christian released this perfume in 2001, and was created with some of the rarest ingredients in the world. Housed in a handmade crystal bottle and gold-plated sterling silver, it's no wonder it was deemed the most expensive fragrance in 2006.

IMAGE Fragrantica

#1. Clive Christian Imperial Majesty

Price: $215,000 per bottle (or approximately P11,113,457.50)

Created by renowed perfumer Roja Dave, this limited-edition fragrance is housed in a bottle made of 18-carat gold and five-carat white diamond, and it requires the utmost care and precision to not break the bottle during the production process.


IMAGE Clive Christian