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4 Easy and Flattering Haircuts You Can Easily Do on Your Own

Change your look without risking it all.
4 Easy and Flattering Haircuts You Can Easily Do on Your Own
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Change your look without risking it all.

Cutting your own hair comes with an incredible amount of risk. When you can, it's always better to have a pro you trust to do the work, especially when you're gunning for a dramatic change.

But just like how people can learn to trim their own bangs, there are some haircuts that are quite safe to attempt by yourself. These are the styles that require less precision and would still look flattering even if you don't do them perfectly—yes, they exist!

Check out the haircut ideas below for some ideas:

A one-length cut

When you want to take off some length or get rid of split ends, you can't go wrong with DIY-ing a straight or one-length cut. It won't necessarily turn out perfect, though it's definitely less risky than attempting to give yourself a full head of layers. The most important step in this DIY cut is the sectioning: Using hair elastics, divide your hair into several similar-sized bundles and make sure the hair ties are on the same level. Cut carefully below the hair tie and use a point cutting technique to make the ends appear softer.


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Watch the video below for a full tutorial on a DIY blunt cut:

Face-framing layers

If you have a round face, having a few short pieces at the front of your hair will softly frame your face and add a hint of coverage without the need for a full fringe. In short, it'll make updo hairstyles look more flattering!
The best way to achieve these short tendrils is to tie your strands into your usual updo style, and then manually pull out strands from the front. Once you have your sections, cut them until they're just below your chin, and then point cut the ends for a softer finish.



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Sheer bangs

A fringe can be quite tricky to achieve well on your own, but if you're determined to have some, go for the safest of the bunch: sheer, wispy bangs. This way, you aren't cutting so much hair at the risk of ending up with a thick layer covering your forehead. Just take it nice and slow—trim the length of your fringe gradually instead of cutting it so short in the beginning that you can't go back.

watch now


PHOTO BY instagram/daraxxi


Watch the video below for a tutorial:

Baby hair trim

Trimming your baby hairs could reduce the appearance of a high hairline or thinning hair whenever you tie your locks up. These will add fullness to spaces with less hair, for example, and even give the illusion of a smaller forehead! (Watch the video here for a full tutorial!)





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