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The World of Makeup: East vs. West

The World of Makeup: East vs. West
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/amrezy, sunnychannel
Here’s how they differ.

Many argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we can’t deny the fact that society has long set the standards of beauty—which we may or may not have consciously used as the norm.

The concept of beauty, however, is apparent and can be collectively grouped into the two polarizing parts of the world: the east and the west. Let’s compare how each of these clusters does their makeup following the notion of what is beautiful for them.

Arched brows vs. Straight brows

Straight brows give off a more youthful look while arched ones exude a sultry vibe. Asians value straight brows more to keep the innocent expression while Westerners prefer arched brows to help slim the face.

Smoky vs. Shimmer


Smoky eyes are preferred by Westerners to help their eyes pop while giving that sexy look. Meanwhile, Asians turn to shimmery hues for a more natural look with a bit of shine.

Crease vs. Under eye makeup

Stemming out from the smoky eye makeup, Westerners define their cut crease more whereas Asians focus on highlighting (in a cute way) their natural under eye bags, pioneering the aegyo sal makeup trend.

Cheekbones vs. Apples

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Still steering towards a youthful glow, Asians apply blushers just on the apples of their cheeks for a natural flush while Western women prefer a more blended look, aiding in tapering the face.

Contouring vs. Strobing

In the West, women prefer working with the hollow and shading of their faces to keep the illusion of a slimmer face. Asians, however play with the higher plains of the face. They prefer highlighting the areas where the light would naturally hit the face.

Matte vs. Dewy face


Asians are known for their amazing skin care products and their obsession with natural glow, thus the product cushion compacts that provide a fresh face with just the right amount of coverage. Meanwhile Westerners prefer a matte face to avoid an oily register on their selfies.

Full-lined lips vs. Gradient lips

Gradient smoochers are the way for Asians. It provides a sweet and soft finish rendering just a hint of concentrated color on the face. Westerners, on the other hand, like their lips full and plump, a signifier of youth.

But mind you, girls, no matter what makeup technique you prefer, it's more important that you feel good and comfortable with yourself. 

Main image from @amrezy and @sunnychannel on Instagram.

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