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7 Ways to Achieve Bushy Brows Like a Celebrity

Anyone can do it!
7 Ways to Achieve Bushy Brows Like a Celebrity
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/tingduque, robbiepinera, jesswilson
Anyone can do it!

You can cop yourself a pair of bushy brows with a few simple tricks, even if yours aren't naturally like Cara Delevingne's. That said, here are seven brow-plumping tips that stars use all the time:

1. Yassi Pressman

Those blessed with already full brows could skip the filling in part entirely, but to make them look even fuller, swipe on some clear brow gel over your arches and brush them upwards!

2. Anne Curtis

There's nothing wrong with having some stray hairs here and there, because let's be honest—we don't always have time to groom our brows. In case yours are getting quite unruly, brushing them in the same direction as your other brow hairs should tame them right away.

3. Janine Gutierrez

The brushed-up brow trend can actually be achieved without makeup, and the pros' tool of choice? Soap! Learn how celebrity makeup artist Ting Duque does it below:


4. Ylona Garcia

If you tend to be quite heavy-handed with your brow products, try switching to pencils with a very fine tip. Not only will these give you more control over your strokes, it will make it easier to erase any mistakes, too!

5. Arci Muñoz

A sculpted brow is definitely photogenic, but in order to maintain a bushy look, avoid putting too much product at the front. To subtly add definition, stick to a few swipes of eyebrow gel or simply use the excess from your spoolie or brow brush to fill it in.

6. Maymay Entrata

To instantly give your strands more volume and texture, make the last step of your brow routine a fiber brow mascara that matches your hair color.


7. Jess Wilson

Eyebrow pens are amazing for a natural arch, as it can help you draw realistic brow hairs to remove any gaps. When done properly, you'll look as if you didn't touch them at all!