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10 Most Flattering Brown Hair Colors for Filipinas

10 Most Flattering Brown Hair Colors for Filipinas
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It's all about choosing the best shade for your skin tone and your current 'do!

We're pretty sure that whoever said brown hair is boring doesn't know the true potential of this hair color. Because as common as this warm dye job may come, there are a number of hues you can explore to really bring out the best of being brunette.

In fact, if there's one common mistake that people make, it's that they pick a brown haphazardly without thinking about their hairstyle, texture, or complexion. This is how people end up with a shade that does nothing to enhance their features. That's why if you want to choose your perfect hue, you have to consider the exact shade (a warm, cool, dark, or light brown) and coloring technique (balayage, highlights, a solid color) that would suit both your skin tone and your current haircut.

How to Choose the Best Brown Hair Color

But how does one pick the perfect shade of brown? Though we encourage trial and error depending on your hairstyle and the "vibe" you want for your look, you should always start by matching what works best against your skin tone.

For Fair Skin Tones

If you’re pale you can definitely go on and pick brown shades that are closer to blonde! However, be wary of ash tones though because they do have a tendency to wash you out. In case you still want to push an ashy hue, you can always remedy this with a rosier makeup look to breathe life into your face.

For Medium Skin Tones

When you’re in between fair to deep, you can definitely enhance that olive or morena complexion with golden to warm browns—feel free to play into the caramel spectrum for some vibrance!


For Deep Skin Tones

A rich skin tone deserves a rich brown hue, too! Don't be scared to go with luscious brown shades with a strong red undertone that will match your gorgeous deep complexion. A cool, light brown will also look stunning on you, thanks to the power of a flattering contrast.

10 Flattering Brown Hair Colors That Are Perfect for Filipinas

Now that we’ve established the range of color options suitable per skin tone, we've further narrowed down a list of hues that work on Filipina complexions the best. From dreamy golden browns to fiery reds, scroll to discover all the dye jobs you should try the next time you visit the salon—or when you DIY your 'do with a boxed dye!

1. Golden Brown

If you’re a beach girl (or even just an island girl at heart), you can't not try this summery shade! The beauty of this color is that it looks great whether you’re fair-skinned or have a deep morena complexion.

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
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2. Milk Tea Brown

We’ll never get tired of recommending milk tea hair because of how chic it looks. Done in one tone or in a clever balayage, a cool, milk tea brown is a great option when you’re looking for a color that's not as high-maintenance as blonde hair.

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/sampinto_

3. Dark Brown

Dark brown can actually be an interesting color when done right. For example, if you’re sporting a blunt haircut, mix in some highlights to create depth. But if your hairstyle has enough texture on its own—like a layered lob or shaggy mullet—this color will look trendy, sophisticated, but not at all boring. 

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/janinegutierrez

4. Mahogany

This reddish brown shade looks great on a wide variety of skin tones because of its ability to add both brightness and warmth to your hair. Those with fair skin tones would love this for a pop of color, while it would look like a naturally sun-kissed hue on deeper skin.

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/kristinaconcepcion

5. Cool Ash Brown

This color is definitely for those looking to make a statement. Though this is most popular for fair to medium skin with warm undertones, we also can't recommend it enough for deeper tones as it can create a beautiful contrast without going too far from the "natural" look.

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/johnvalle20

6. Caramel Brown

Looking for a sweet shade of brown? Then consider caramel! No, really, this hue is a rich shade of golden brown will provide a romantic touch to your dark locks. In case you can't commit to a full dye job, try painting the shade on as highlights first to give it a shot.

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/gabbi

7. Chocolate Brown

Compared to a deep brown, a chocolate dye job has a luminous woody tone that’s perfect for highlighting haircuts with subtle layers or a dramatic chop. You may want to avoid it when you want to upgrade a basic, one-length style, but you can still go for it if you're all about that sleek look!

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/johnvalle20

8. Chestnut Brown

Chestnut is the perfect inbetween of caramel brown and chocolate brown. Give it a try if you’re not ready for a bright caramel hue just yet, as this is the more natural-looking alternative. To truly make the most out of the color, though, we suggest that you add in some highlights or have it done as a balayage!

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/mercadojenny

9. Copper Brown

For those aren't sold on mahogany, why not try copper instead? Though very similar to caramel, this shade of brown has a stronger red and orange undertone than a yellow one. It looks stunning on medium to dark skin tones since it will really highlight your tan!

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/maxcollinsofficial

10. Auburn

If you're thinking of becoming a redhead but don't know where to start, then auburn is a safe color to try! It's the closest brown shade there is to red, and can definitely make a statement. Since it has a brighter color payoff and strong reddish tones, auburn works best against pale and cool-toned complexions. But to be honest, if you really want to try it and think the color will give you a color boost, it could absolutely be worth the risk!

brown hair color ideas for filipinas
PHOTO BY Instagram/andieigengirl

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