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How to Achieve That Soft, Blurred Lip Look in 2 Easy Steps

Speed up your lip routine!
How to Achieve That Soft, Blurred Lip Look in 2 Easy Steps
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Speed up your lip routine!

A perfectly-lined pout is undeniably up there as one of the most popular makeup styles ever. It photographs well, makes your lips look plump and gorgeous, among many other selfie-appropriate benefits. The only downsides? It could take you quite a while to do and, more importantly, it's not the most natural-looking lip look in the world. So if you're in the mood for that "no-lipstick" lipstick vibe, maybe you should try its less precise, diffused sister: the blurred lip.

Basically, a blurred lip means having pigment on your pout without any clean lines—like your lips, but better. It's the look you get when you pat lipstick or tint instead of swiping it on, or when you repurpose a cream blush as a stain. The idea behind it is that it's a much softer approach to applying your lip color, be it a natural-looking nude or a vampy hue.

How to Achieve a Blurred Lip

1. Apply your lip color as usual.

The idea behind a blurred look is that you have color on your entire lip but without visible lines. So grab your preffered product and fill in your top and bottom lip, but don't worry about it looking too perfect—you'll blend everything out after anyway! That said, do make sure to keep the color within your natural lip line.


2. Blur the edges with your fingertip.

Here comes the fun part. Before your lipstick fully sets, use your finger to blur the lines from your initial application. If you want the color to stay within your lip line, do tapping motions for more control. But if you prefer a bigger wash of color, wipe and push the color outwards.

Watch the video below for a quick demo!

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See? We told you it was easy. Cop more blurred lip looks from celebs below!


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