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These Are the Best Innovative Beauty Products We Tried in 2020

Want to try something new?
These Are the Best Innovative Beauty Products We Tried in 2020
Want to try something new?

Trying to keep up with all the beauty releases every year isn't the easiest. It can get overwhelming given how many brands and products are now out there, but the effort is all worth it when we stumble upon things that were made to change the game. And even with most of the world on pause for most of the year, there was no stopping some beauty innovations from taking our routines to the next level. Ahead, you'll find our official standouts, as seen on this year's Preview Best of Beauty:

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Best Innovative Beauty Products 2020

1. Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

It only made sense for Dyson to breathe new life into straighteners after they changed the game with the Airwrap. Just like its wave-making predecessor, the Corrale uses unique technology to achieve your desired style with less heat. They also went above and beyond by making it travel-friendly with a flight mode setting and rechargeable battery so you can use it cord-free.


Tester Review: "I'm not great at styling my hair, so I love it when my tools basically do all the work for me the way the Corrale does. The iron heats up quicker than other irons I've used and glides smoothly over my strands, so it doesn't take much time at all to achieve a smooth finish. I don't have to turn the heat all the way up for it to do the job either, but that might just be because I have fine hair. It's quite pricey for a flat iron, but the ease of use, cordless option, and the flight mode setting makes it worth the slight splurge."—Nicole Arcano

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Corrale Hair Straightener, P29,500, DYSON, Lazada

2. Aveda Foam Reset Hydrating Hair Cleanser

If dry shampoo doesn't quite hit the spot for you, this rinseless cleanser from Aveda will make your no-wash days feel less daunting. It helps refresh the scalp right away, giving you the feel of shampooing with a lightweight foam that dissolves in seconds.

Tester Review: "I'll be honest and say I've never been a fan of dry shampoos, choosing to wash my hair daily instead of taking the time to brush out the residue a lot of products leave. Aveda’s Foam Reset is different in that it works as a cleanser. I massaged the bubbly product into my scalp in sections, with dry hair, and really saw and felt the oil build-up clear—and let me tell you that like my face, my scalp can get very oily in just a day. My hair still had body and shine, and smelled nice and clean, too. I used it two days in a row on my unwashed hair and it was able to maintain great results."—Isha Valles


Foam Reset Hydrating Hair Cleanser, P1900, AVEDA, Zalora

3. Dove Dry Serum Intensive Renew for Minimizing Underarm Pores

Formulated with collagen, vitamin B3 and vitamin E, this product feels more like skincare for your underarms than a deodorant. It keeps that area fresh and dry like a regular roll-on would, all while helping minimize the appearance of underarm pores and dark spots.


Tester Review: "Still can't believe how dry my underarms were after trying this! I've tried cream deodorants before and they tend to darken my underarms but this didn't. It doesn't clog my pores either, nor does it have a strong fragrance, which might clash with your body chemistry."—Maura Rodriguez


Dry Serum Intensive Renew for Minimizing Underarm Pores, P145, DOVE, Watsons

4. Love K-derma LED Light Mask

If you miss your LED treatments but can't visit your derm, this mask's 10-minute LED light treatments will have you covered until your next clinic visit. It has not one, not two, but seven modes that address different skin concerns, which include fine lines, acne, and dullness.

Tester Review: "I like how this device helps me recreate the derma experience at home—a must for skin upkeep and a achieving a sense of normalcy in the new normal. It's a comforting experience since going to the derma is my personal me-time activity and a skin routine I used to do every month.

"But for the device specifically, I'm amazed with the number of light options it has, and all of it target the skin concerns I want to address. My personal favorite is the white light for fine lines and pigmentation, and I use the 10 minutes of that treatment as my daily meditation. The voice guide that tells you how many minutes are left to the treatment is so helpful, too!"—Steph Sison


LED Light Mask, P10,999, LOVE K-DERMA, Lazada

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