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5 Beauty Lessons We Can All Learn from Victoria Beckham

Here's how Posh Spice keeps her skin looking young.
5 Beauty Lessons We Can All Learn from Victoria Beckham
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Here's how Posh Spice keeps her skin looking young.

When it comes to beauty products, Victoria Beckham knows that not everything needs to make sense all at once. "Over time, you learn what works for you. At this point, I’ve done so many photo shoots and red carpets that I’ve learned so much about my beauty style by looking back at pictures of myself," she tells Into The Gloss. Here are five things we learned from Posh Spice's beauty routine:

1. "It’s important to change up what you use so your skin doesn’t get too used to it."

Victoria is an advocate of listening to your skin's needs. There's no need to scrub your face clean everyday. She uses a combination of Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse and Dr. Lancer Polish, and then she applies Sarah Chapman 3D Moisture Infusion Mask to moisturize the peeled skin.

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2. Traveling can dry out your skin.

She combats this by taking off all her makeup, cleansing her face, and putting on Sarah Chapman Stem Cell Collagen Activator Duo and Morning Aura Illuminating Creme, which she specifically made for her Estee Lauder line. She made sure that the product is "going to hydrate, moisturize, lift, give a glowy [look], dewy feel about it…something that’s going to make me photo-ready. "

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3. Sunscreen is important, even when you just stay at home.

"On a day when I’m hanging around the house with the kids, I just like to use Sarah Chapman Skin Insurance SPF 30—it’s basically a tinted moisturizer but with sunscreen, which is obviously really important. And it’s got great coverage for lots of different skin colors."

4. Her go-to look is "a smoky eye, a strong brow, a little bit of contouring, nude lip liner, and a lip balm."


And her trick to achieve a naturally sculpted face? "I think a lot of people focus on the darker color to get that look. But it’s important to blend it in with a lighter color around the jawline, the nose, the center of the face, underneath the eyes, the top of the cheeks, and the forehead. And not with highlighter! Just with something lighter than the contour shade—I just use my Skin Perfecting Powder. It just [mattifies] everything down and helps blend everything together. Then you can highlight on top of that. Think about it—if you’re shading, like making a painting, you’re not just going to use a dark color, you’re going to use a light color that complements the dark color. It’s like painting a picture."

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5. This is how she had her brow hair grow back.

"Then I have Latisse, which I use on my brows as well as my lashes. A lot of people outside of America may not have heard of this—it’s a prescription product that stimulates hair growth. When you buy it, you get a bunch of these little brushes to go with the drops. I’ll use a generous amount on my eyebrows as well, and my brows have completely grown back. I have gone through phases where I’ve stopped using it, and I noticed a big difference."

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