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13 Work-From-Home Outfits Inspired by Your Fave Celebrities

We’ve picked out a look for every mood.
Work-from-home outfits are proven to help boost your productivity, as it psyches you into work mode real quick. Whether you’re out of ideas or are looking to start wearing WFH OOTDs yourself, we’ve picked out 13 looks plucked from the feeds of

Laureen Uy Just Did a Shoot with Marc Jacobs During NYFW

Catch up on the latest news in the fashion scene!
Get updated with the latest happenings in the world of fashion. Read on!'90s supermodel Christy Turlington returned to the runway to close the Marc Jacobs Fall 2019 presentation at New York Fashion Week. The 50-year-old model debuted in 1989 and has since

Victoria Beckham Is Launching Her Own Beauty Brand

It's not a collab this time!
After two successful capsule collections with Estée Lauder, Victoria Beckham has officially announced a solo beauty venture. The British designer broke the news on social media yesterday, revealing that she's set to launch her own beauty brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty, later this year.In

Tyra Banks Is Building a Model-Inspired Theme Park

It's set to open this year!
Start your week right by getting updated with all the latest news in the fashion world:Following a rocky relationship with the brand (Dapper Dan used to knock off Gucci's logo from the '80s till the '90s, then Gucci's Alessandro Michele copied Dapper

Balenciaga Is Being Sued by a Souvenir Company Over a Shopping Tote

Get updated with the hottest fashion news here.
Here's a roundup of the hottest fashion news you need to know now.1. Anna Wintour is reportedly breaking all the rules for Beyoncé's Vogue cover.The September issue is the most anticipated issue of the year, and for 2018, Anna Wintour has chosen Beyoncé

This Diet Claims to Be Slimming and Anti-Aging

Here's your Alkaline Diet 101.
Recently, the alkaline diet has joined the roster of it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle trends among wellness aficionados. Why? Here are six of the many reasons: Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Gisele Bunchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Elle Macpherson. When

5 Beauty Lessons We Can All Learn from Victoria Beckham

Here's how Posh Spice keeps her skin looking young.
When it comes to beauty products, Victoria Beckham knows that not everything needs to make sense all at once. "Over time, you learn what works for you. At this point, I’ve done so many photo shoots and red carpets that I’ve learned so

Victoria Beckham Is Releasing a 200-Piece Collection With Target

It'll be inspired by her VVB collection.
We still haven't even drooled over Victoria Beckham's collaboration with Estée Lauder enough yet, but it turns out she has already moved on to another exciting project. Next year, the British designer will finally be taking her design prowess to the next

5 Beauty Trends to Try From NYFW Spring/Summer 2017

Fresh from the runway!
Contrary to our expectations, the Spring/Summer 2017 beauty looks from New York Fashion Week weren't an overwhelming parade of colors. The whole vibe was generally relaxed with a hint of color here and there, and barely anyone strayed from what's considered as

Here's What Happens When Fashion Personalities Become Pokemon

Have you met Carachu and Charwintour yet?
If you think Pokemon Go has already reached its peak, think again. Merging adorable Pokemon with the fashion industry’s beloved icons, fashion website Stylight brings a new spin to your favorite pocket monsters. We guarantee that these illustrations will make you go "aww" even if you’re not

Let Victoria Beckham Show You How to Dress for the Office

She’s always on top of the wardrobe game.
Do your office OOTDs need an upgrade? Allow girl boss Victoria Beckham to show you the way. Her outfits are as classic as they come, proving that you don’t need to get too crazy to make an impression. Here are six tips

10 Things You Need to Know About Brooklyn Beckham

He surprisingly does not like football…anymore.
You’ve probably seen this 17-year-old British cutie in photos with his posh mother and hunk of a father, Victoria and David Beckham. With Brooklyn Beckham's killer looks and charming accent, what’s not to like, right? All these considered, we just had to

Spice Girls Hit ‘Wannabe’ Gets a Remake

It's what we really, really want!
The Spice Girls may not be making a comeback anytime soon but it’s nice to know that 20 years later, global girl power remains strong and united.Project Everyone remade the British girl group’s debut song Wannabe highlighting gender inequality and calling to

Was It Heart Evangelista Who Bought the Most Expensive Birkin Ever Sold?

You won't believe how much it costs.
Apart from Heart Evangelista’s obsession for all things white, it’s also no secret that she has a penchant for designer bags, particularly Hermès Birkins and Kellys. The 31-year-old actress has one in every color imaginable, so it doesn’t exactly surprise us whenever

8 Fashion Designers and Their Signature Uniforms

They know exactly what works for them and stick to it.
Nobody knows fashion like the designers themselves. They send down models down the runways in unique styles fit for their brand, and they themselves dress up in a formulaic style that expresses what they stand for. Their signature fashion statement makes them

Victoria Beckham Won’t Be Returning for the Spice Girls Reunion

Has she completely given up music to heed fashion's higher calling?
Viva forever? Not quite.It’s been announced that 2017 will witness the return of the iconic ‘90s Brit pop girl group, the Spice Girls, as they are set to play a series of live shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut

Victoria Beckham Always Felt Uncomfortable as a Spice Girl

She found her true calling right after performing.
Victoria Beckham "always felt uncomfortable" in the Spice Girls.Simon Fuller, the fashion designer's former manager, helped launch her career in the music industry, with her going on to join the bestselling female group of all time, the Spice Girls, whose debut album Spice