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Ayn Bernos Reacts to Viral Rhinoplasty Filter: "Please Don't Rush Into Getting Plastic Surgery"

Ayn Bernos Reacts to Viral Rhinoplasty Filter: "Please Don't Rush Into Getting Plastic Surgery"
The influencer advises her young followers to think twice before getting a cosmetic surgery only to adhere to the society's conventional standards of beauty.

From silly dog filters on Snapchat to beauty filters on Instagram and Tiktok, most of these photo-altering apps are intended harmless fun. But over the years, there have been some concerns about beauty filters negatively affecting the way people perceive themselves. 

Currently trending in the Philippines right now is the rhinoplasty filter on Tiktok. It’s a beauty filter that shrinks the user’s nose and makes it pointier in a way that adheres to the “conventional” standards of beauty. Several Pinoys have expressed their desire to get an actual rhinoplasty after trying the filter, to which Ayn Bernos, influencer, former Miss Universe Philippines representative for San Juan, and self-love advocate, reacted.

READ: Ayn Bernos Reacts to Viral Rhinoplasty Filter on Tiktok

It’s a fact that most Filipinos don’t have sharp and pointy noses as Westerners do. The urge to want to fit into Western beauty standards hasn’t changed. And with plastic surgery and other less invasive cosmetic procedures becoming more accessible, the amount of people wanting to permanently change their features is increasing. With this considered, Ayn took to her social media platform to remind netizens, especially young impressionable people, to think twice before rushing into these cosmetic procedures.  

“For the young people on this app who are looking at that kind of nose and thinking ‘goals’. I still want to remind you to take time to think about the procedures that you do on your face. And at the same time, think about the uniqueness of your features,” she said.


She emphasizes that she holds no judgment towards people who choose to do plastic surgery, but she encourages them to take the time to grow into themselves and not succumb to doing something based on what others have been saying is beautiful.

In the caption of her Tiktok video, she wrote, “If I had the means to get irreversible surgery years ago, I probably would have done it [because] of ill advice and insecurities. But looking back, I’m so glad I had the time to grow into myself and appreciate these features. Just a gentle reminder.”

She continued to say how she’s been told in the past to get a rhinoplasty but ultimately decided against it because her nose is one of those features that make her unique.

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