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Jessy Mendiola Sets the Record Straight on Plastic Surgery Rumors

In a recent vlog, she resolved rumors saying that she had gotten her nose and boobs done.
Women in the public eye are certainly no stranger to being scrutinized based on appearance. Unsurprisingly, actress-turned-vlogger Jessy Mendiola is among that headcount: In a recent vlog uploaded to her hit YouTube channel, she finally addressed rumors that claimed she had gone

Alexa Ilacad Shuts Down Nose Job Allegations: "You Guys Have to Chill Out"

A scar on her nose is causing netizens to speculate that she had her nose done.
On today's episode of people not minding their own business, 21-year-old actress Alexa Ilacad was left with no choice but to address plastic surgery allegations for simply having a scar on her face. Lucky for those netizens, she handled the situation with

Moira Dela Torre Reveals She Almost Went Blind After a Nose Job Gone Wrong

She had to stop working for almost three months while recovering.
Singer Moira Dela Torre has recently opened up about suffering from complications after undergoing a non-invasive procedure on her nose. At a press conference for her concert Braver, she revealed that a nose job gone wrong almost resulted in her going blind."May nagkamali, and

Chie Filomeno Talks About Her Decision to Get a Nose Job

"It's not for vanity."
Chie Filomeno is one of the few celebrities who aren't afraid to admit they did plastic surgery, and in a recent interview, she finally explains why she decided to get a nose job. "There’s a story behind it," she tells (Philippine Entertainment

Here’s Why Your Nose Looks Bigger in Your Selfies

Angles are everything.
Thanks to countless photo-editing apps out there, not all selfies on the internet are as realistic as they seem. It's become way too easy for us to alter our facial features that we can hardly tell anymore whether people have retouched their

Here's Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Nose Job

We gather intel from three sought-after doctors on the rhinoplasty procedure.
One of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty is more commonly known as "the nose job." For those considering the procedure, it's important to know your options and everything the procedure entails. Here are some of the most crucial details,

Review: I Used a Nose Lifter for a Week and Here's What Happened

I learned the value of patience.
What: Racosme Nose Lifter What it is: It's a Korean cosmetic tool that you insert into your nose for an instant tip-up, nose job-like effect.IMAGE Gab GutierrezCurrent condition: I don't think I have a super defined nose, nor do I find it too

Nothing Wrong with a Nose Job, Says Bryanboy

The blogger goes candid with his most recent beauty binge.
Despite the obvious, the ways to enhance one’s beauty remains to be taboo amongst amigas who lunch. Seldom do we admit that we’ve had something done, whether we’re talking about our new nose (let's keep it a secret between us and Dr.

Kim Chiu Breaks Her Silence About Plastic Surgery Rumors

“Some people don’t understand puberty…”
In the middle of promoting her upcoming primetime TV soap, The Story Of Us, Kim Chiu finally broke her silence on the rumors involving her alleged plastic surgery.The 25-year-old actress took to Instagram her frustration over the unending speculations about whether or