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This Fearless Model Will Encourage You to Embrace Your Individuality

This Fearless Model Will Encourage You to Embrace Your Individuality
IMAGE Melson Bolongaita
"Be smart and know yourself."

Internalized prejudice is something that everyone struggles with. Be it with how we look, how we sound like, or what the weighing scale says, this way of thinking hinders us to see our own unique traits -- characteristics that make us who we are. That said, professional model Anna Buquid thinks it's time we break free. Unshackle yourself from the noise that prevents you from accepting yourself. It's time to be a fearless rebel and accept that you are beautiful because you are you!

Read on and join Anna in learning to love yourself.


IMAGE Melson Bolongaita

"If you want to dye your hair to a bolder color, go ahead. You want to change your features? Do it. You want to go out to a club wearing almost nothing? Be my guest! The point is, if it makes you feel amazing, then there's no one in the universe that should stop you from your idea of you.

But if you're taking whitening pills just because you feel judged everytime a tita looks at you; if you stopped wearing heels because you're six-feet tall and people can't handle it; if you're unhappily starving yourself to fit into size zero because you're tired of hearing passive aggressive comments, please, stop. It hurts me too.

All that pressure to live up to the expectations coming from society, from men, from your family, or even your religion; staying in line just to be accepted by the mass so you won't be taken as a weirdo, I say scratch them all! That's no fun!

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What's important here is yourself. Be smart and know yourself. Self love, I believe is the key to making your outfit work, to making that blemish a trend! When you have it, confidence will find its way! Now, don't you think that's beautiful?

No stares can bring you down. No nasty comments can break your poise because you know who you are, and you know what you want. At the end of the day, people will just have to respect you whether they like it or not."

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