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3 Easy Alternatives to Your Usual Cat Eye

For days when you're just not feeling the flick.
3 Easy Alternatives to Your Usual Cat Eye
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jellyeugenio
For days when you're just not feeling the flick.

The cat eye may be a classic, but on some days, we'd much rather be done quick and wear something a little easier to do. Makeup is all about being creative, after all! The only tricky part is making it practical for every day. So today, we have three easy liner tricks you can swap with your favorite feline flick. Read all about them below!

1. Puppy liner


IMAGE Fashionising

PPQ Spring/Summer 2016

What it is: While puppy liner makes your eyes look younger and more innocent, a cat eye invites a stronger, sultrier look. We see this trick all the time on Korean celebrities, which is great for achieving a doe-eyed effect! It's also easier to draw the downward flick evenly.

How to do it: Line your lashline like you would normally, but instead of doing an upward flick at the end, draw a diagonal line pointing downwards.

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Makeup by Jung Saem Mool for Clinique and Sephora

2. Dot

IMAGE Michele Morosi via Vogue

Rochas Spring/Summer 2015

What it is: It might look like something that only runway models would wear, but hear us out. Swapping your winged liner with a small dot in the middle of your lower lashline can make your orbs appear wider and almost doll-like. And you have to admit, it looks pretty cool!


How to do it: Look straight into a mirror, and with a pencil or brush, draw a dot parallel to your pupils on the lower lashline. Go all out with the doll-eyed look by applying tons of mascara!

IMAGE Wireimage | Dominique Charriau

Zoe Kravitz at Cannes Film Festival 2015

3. Inner corner V


IMAGE Indigital

Stella Mccartney Fall/Winter 2016

What it is: Perk up your eyes with this unique highlighting technique by makeup artist Pat McGrath. Like a classic winged eye, this look will extend your eye shape. It's a great alternative to using shimmery eyeshadow to highlight!

How to do it: Using white or any bright colored liner, draw a V-shape on your inner tearducts. Keep the V small and short and the lines not too thick for a softer look. You can do the same thing with a black eyeliner for bolder definition.


IMAGE Moschino

Cara Delevingne for Moschino Spring/Summer 2013

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