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3 Uses for Deodorant You Never Knew About

More than just keeping your underarms dry.
3 Uses for Deodorant You Never Knew About
More than just keeping your underarms dry.

Apart from keeping your armpits nice and dry, your reliable deodorant stick can be repurposed. Check out its other uses you'll never believe your trusty anti-persperant can do for you. 

1. As an emergency mattifier

Since your anti-perspirant is meant to stop sweat from forming, it can also help your T-zone from getting shiny. Dab a scant amount on your forehead, nose, and chin to avoid that distracting midday shine.

2. As a remedy for thigh chafing

Your deo can prevent your inner thighs from getting sweaty, and will soothe the skin from friction. This is perfect for hot days or when you're wearing hip-hugging skirts.

3. As prevention for shoe blisters

We are all too familiar with the pain a spanking new pair of shoes bringsthose dreaded blisters! To stop nasty blisters from forming, apply deodorant to the back of your heel or whichever spot you feel like excessive friction from your new shoe will most likely happen.


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