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10 Secrets Your Manicurist Knows That You Don’t

10 Secrets Your Manicurist Knows That You Don’t
IMAGE BJ Pascual, Preview Magazine
We've uncovered the best tricks to keeping your nails flawless!

Stressful week? One of the best pick-me-uppers is binge-watching old episodes of Sex and the City or Gossip Girl while painting your nails with a fiery red or a dainty pastel pink shade. Every girl knows that DIY manicure is fun, but you know what’s not? Messy nail polish application! To make sure you never have to deal with that, we went ahead and asked the top manicurists of I Do Nails Salon for their best tips to achieving flawless nails.

1. Always sanitize your tools.  

Just like how washing your makeup brushes and sponges is a non-negotiable when it comes to putting on makeup, sanitizing your nail tools is just as important, too. We’re looking at you, nail file!

2. Never cut the side of your toenails.

If an ingrown is bothering you, let a professional nail artist do it. Otherwise, unless you want to make it worse, leave the sides of your toenails alone.



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3. Always buff your nails.

Make sure your nails are straight and polished by buffing them after pushing the cuticles.

4. Don’t forget your base polish and top coat!

Think of your base polish as your primer and your top coat as the setting spray. They may seem like additional steps you can do without, but if you want to make your nail game strong and healthy, be sure not to skip these two important steps!

5. Choose organic.

Especially if you’re pregnant, stick to organic nail products like Zoya to protect yourself from harmful chemicals.

6. When in doubt, wear a face mask.

And we don’t mean the sheet mask that’s usually part of your skincare routine. We advise you wear a face mask to cover your nose because the smell of the polish, acetone, and acrylics can be strong and it can be harmful to your health, too—and again, this is especially true if you’re pregnant.

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7. Don’t use your nails to clean up the excess color.

Because we’re all bound to color outside our nails when using our nondominant hand, we got used to taking off the excess polish using the nails of our free hand, which isn’t exactly hygienic. Instead of using your nails to remove excess polish, dip a small piece of cotton in acetone, wrap it around a wooden stick, then clean off the excess polish.

8. Take off your polish in one swift motion.

There are so many rules when it comes to nail polish application and there seems to be none when it comes to taking it off. Wrong! Take your polish off in one swift downward motion to avoid the mess.

9. Got glitter polish on? Foil wraps are your besties.

Glitter polish may look pretty but it can be a drag to take it off. Instead of rubbing your nails harshly with an acetone-soaked cotton ball, soak your nails with acetone and wrap each nail with foil for a breezier way to remove every bit of glitter on your nails.



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10. Invest in a good cuticle oil.

If you love switching up your nail color regularly, make sure to give your digits the proper TLC they deserve with a good cuticle oil that keeps dryness at bay.

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