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10 Body Scrubs to Help You Achieve Softer, Smoother Skin This Summer

Read this before you plan your beach trips!
10 Body Scrubs to Help You Achieve Softer, Smoother Skin This Summer
Read this before you plan your beach trips!

Whenever we hear the word summer, heading to the beach is pretty much the first thing that comes into mind. But before you book that trip to El Nido or Boracay, here’s a gentle reminder: this is no season for your skin care to take a back seat. You’ll be spending lots of time exposed to the scorching heat and every minute you’re out sunbathing or swimming will take its toll on your skin. Using a protective sunscreen is already a given, but another thing you need to pay attention to is regular exfoliation in the shower at least once every week. This is to slough off your dead skin and unveil a softer, smoother complexion.

To aid your parched skin this summer, below are some luxurious body scrubs to include in your shopping list!


Not Soap, Radio Bathing with Sharks Exfoliating Scrub, P804,

So who’s in the mood to bathe with sharks? Don’t panic, we don’t mean literally! This exfoliating scrub will revitalize you with its fresh-smelling seaside scent while moisturizing your skin with its nutrient-rich formula.


Cesa Skin Coco Lemon Pie Body Scrub, P350,

Local swimwear line Cesa has grown into a one-stop summer shop, and its new offerings now include skin care products. Indulge yourself in its raw sugar body scrub that will feel (and smell) like dessert on your skin. Sweet!

IMAGE Human Nature

Human Nature Natural Body Scrub, P274.75,

Spending the summer cooped up at home? Treat yourself to a luxurious bath with this all-natural body scrub and enjoy soft, hydrated skin.

IMAGE The Body Shop

The Body Shop Spa of the World Mediterranean Sea Salt, P2150,

No need to go all the way to Mykonos to experience an invigorating spa treatment. With sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea, this body scrub is precious for its mineral content and its coarse crystals that will effectively exfoliate your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.


Skin Genie Top of the Morning Coffee Scrub, P250,

Trying to cut back on your daily caffeine intake? Then instead of sipping on a cup of joe, how about perking up your morning with a refreshing bath and this energizing coffee scrub instead? This one will not only remove your dead skin cells but will also even out your skin tone.



PasJel Sweet Sugar Body Scrub and Facial Mask, P670,

Slough away dead skin for a more youthful complexion! This one is infused with amino acids to effectively brighten dull and uneven skin tone, and it’s gentle enough to double as face scrub.


Too Cool For School Moringa Body Scrub Wash, P515,

Constant sun exposure especially during the summer may lead to premature skin aging. To help prevent that, you need a body scrub that gently exfoliates and highly nourishes. This K-beauty gem has moringa and grapefruit extracts plus hyaluronic acid to leave your skin soft and glowing.


Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, P2090,

How does a self-heating body scrub sound? Delightful! It warms as you rub to stimulate your muscles with the help of eucalyptus, rosemary, and, lavender essential oil. Not to mention, it also boasts of dead sea salt to buff and slough off your dry, rough skin. That’s how you hit two birds with one scrub!


Soap & Glory Flake Away, P650,

Flake it ‘til you make it! Say goodbye to dry scaly skin with this wonder smoothening product powered with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar.


The Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-Tub Salty, P1250,

It provides deep exfoliation via salt crystals and then moisturizes with goat’s milk. Trust us, they don’t call it “dessert for the skin” for nothing!

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