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Tips From My Derma: How to Treat Zits Overnight

Rule #1: Do not pop it!
Despite all the skincare products that occupy our office and bathroom cabinets, immunity to zits is something that doesn’t come with a job of a beauty girl. However, having a trusted dermatologist on call does make things a lot more manageable whenever

Easy Diy Pimple Eraser Recipe

It only takes 3 ingredients to save the day.
No one likes a bad zit day. It affects our self confidence, it ruins our mood, and well, they’re just flat out annoying. When push comes to shove and these evil little beings refuse to rest in peace, it only means it’s

7 Acne-killing Products Every Girl Needs

This is the list you've been waiting for.
You wake up to a sunshine-y day in a chirpy mood, excited for a date, that promotion you’ve been waiting for, or simply in high spirits because you just a good night’s sleep. But then you look and the mirror and boom,