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Bench Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017: Ziggy Savella

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Inspired by the American "Dirty 30s" period that saw the Great Depression leave millions without employment, Ziggy Savella's Spring/Summer collection merges the concepts of working class fashion and an undiminished necessity to express personal style. Back then, people didn't have much to

5 Guys Who Taught Us How to Wear Blue This Week

BJ Pasucal, David Guison, and more.
Herewith, our menswear picks of the week:AJ Dee@thefilodapperThe double-breasted jacket: The ‘70s are making a huge comeback and with it, the return of the double-breasted jacket. Opt for a slimmer cut, shorter length, with six buttons, a wider lapel, and a bolder

5 Work Desk Inspirations

Give your workstation that much needed makeover.
Half the year has gone by and by now we’re sure your work station has accumulated enough clutter to hide its actual surface. Just in time for some mid-year general cleaning, we round up a few desks from our favourite creatives that

Style Bible Dressed Up With Janine Gutierrez

Now these behind-the-scenes photos can pass for a fashion editorial!
She ain't called fashion's new muse for no reason. Our May cover girl, Janine Gutierrez, made it to our Best Dressed List for the night as soon as she arrived at the venue, after serious prep work at hottie photog, BJ Pascual's abode.

Ziggy Savella Returns To The Runway With Bedroom Chic

Take a senior skip day with these chic pajamas.
After years without showing on the catwalk, Ziggy Savella opened strong with a Koreanovela projected on the walls of Green Sun's ballroom, telling the story of a young boy and his chic polkadot jammies. Inspired by elderly traditions (and maybe even by the