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This Online Store Has Everything You Need for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Shop your zero-waste essentials any time, any where.
Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle just got a whole lot easier! There's already a package-free shop where you can get all your zero-waste essentials, and now, there's a new option for those who prefer to shop from home.The Alternative is an online

10 Stylish Reusable Tumblers to Help You Stay Hydrated

Fill these with your favorite drinks!
You probably already have a reusable straw to help cut down your plastic usage, but if you want to step up your zero waste game even more, make a reusable tumbler your next purchase. With one in tow, you'll no longer need

Where to Buy Shampoo Bars in Manila

Start your zero-waste lifestyle in the shower!
If you're on a journey to living a zero-waste lifestyle, making a few tweaks to your beauty routine should be a top priority. For one, opting for a solid shampoo can significantly reduce the use of plastic in your routine because you

How the Zero-Waste Movement Became Cool

There are cool people who want to save the world. Let's join them.
In the not-so-distant past, there was a cartoon called Captain Planet (Google it, kids) that was about a superhero called upon by a bunch of teenagers wearing magic rings. Hokey, concept? Absolutely. But it was a progressive show even for its time.It

10 Must-Have Products for an Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

Who says beauty needs to be harmful to the environment?
Your beauty addiction doesn't have to be bad for the environment. When it comes to shopping for your makeup and skincare essentials, know that there are tons of eco-friendly alternatives. And to help you start your zero waste beauty journey, we rounded

Kimi Juan Is Proof That You Can Stay in Style While Saving the Planet

This travel photographer shows us how to help the environment and still look stylish while doing so.
Quite a bitter pill to swallow, but the fast fashion industry, next to agriculture and oil, is the second largest pollutant of water and other natural resources. According to an article published by Independent, in order for fast fashion brands to keep up