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Maxene Magalona Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey

The actress shared to Preview how she switched to a healthier lifestyle and how she deals with unsolicited remarks about her body.
We expect very specific things when reading about someone's weight loss. On top of the list is, of course, how they did it—what they did and didn't eat, their workout routine, and how long it took for them to lose X number

Here's Why Hiking Has Become the New Yoga

Even experts agree it's a powerful cardio workout.
Without a doubt, hiking is having its moment. While it has always been a known sport, the activity has been attracting the attention of new fans lately, the way yoga has been doing for years. Before you embark on a journey to

6 Amazing Fitness Discounts + Deals In Manila

Start the year strong without hurting your wallet.
Some women prefer to start their fitness journeys in the comfort of their homes. TBH, it’s also the cheapest option: just a laptop, a mat, and maybe a couple of dumbbells. Others, however, need to be in a space that isn’t too

4 Ways to Infuse Wellness Into Everyday Life in Your 30s

It's super simple!
A lot of significant life changes happen when you're in your thirties. From shifting to a busier career path, adjusting to married life, to health and body changes, there are a number of things we all go through when we hit the

Here's Everything You Need to Know If You Want to Get Into Yoga

It's actually a great workout!
To the untrained eye, yoga seems like an extreme sport. All the twists, splits, and balancing that certain positions require look borderline dangerous. That doesn't stop us from wanting to try it, though! People who do yoga make the zen life look

3 Ways to De-Stress Without Spending a Fortune at the Spa

Treat yourself without breaking the bank!
The secret to keeping the thrill of living a fast-paced and high pressure life is balancing it with equal parts relaxation. But the reality is, not everyone has the luxury of time and money to go on a Eurotrip or book a

In Pursuit of a Yoga Body

One woman works out with her new curves.
It was a picture of Jennifer Lawrence in a bikini that made me think it was OK if I never got skinny again. I used to be Taylor Swift-thin, but at 27, my ribs-abs-Bobblehead had morphed into something quite un-model size: wider

Here's How Nicole Scherzinger Stayed Fit For Cats The Musical

Fitness secrets from the Olivier Awards nominee.
Nicole Scherzinger only made her West End debut last December, but is already up for the Olivier Best Supporting Actress Award in a musical title. The Olivier Awards is the Oscars of British theater so we can only imagine her delight upon receiving

11 Fun Workouts To Include In Your 2015 Bucket List

Because simply hitting the gym is so 2014.
Everyone knows that we only truly feel the result of our December sins in January. Today is our first day back to the daily grind and instead of complaining about how you didn’t even feel the break (it was actually pretty lengthy),

Lindsay Lohan Does "erotic Yoga" To Keep Fit

Lindsay Lohan Does "Erotic Yoga" To Keep Fit
Lindsay Lohan does "erotic yoga" to keep fit. The "Mean Girls" star enjoys practising S Factor—an exercise class which combines pole dancing with pilates and yoga—as the "sensual" movements help her maintain her figure while building her confidence. She told Into The Gloss, "Everyone

Is It Time To Bid Lululemon Goodbye?

Is It Time To Bid Lululemon Goodbye?
Just when we all thought Lululemon could be the next big thing to the likes of Nike or Adidas, their shares come crashing down. While there are still avid fans of the brand known for their chic yoga and yoga-inspired athletic apparel,

Here's A Peaceful Way Step Back From A Busy Work Day

Your go-to place for peace, serenity, and fitness will now open in Makati.
Finally, finally, our go-to yoga center will finally open their third studio right in the heart of Makati’s Central Business District—the 6780 Building to be exact!  Urban Ashram has branches along Brixton in Pasig and another one in the Active Fun building

Jump Start Your Yoga-filled Summer With Project Y

Experience yoga like never before with Urban Ashram's Project Y!
Urban Ashram has always been dedicated to spreading awareness that regular yoga practice can do you wonders, not only physically, but emotionally as well. This summer, they launched a new program and along with it more fun classes called Project Y. Targeted

Sweat It In Style

We put together 3 smokin' yoga outfits that guarantee your legit yogini status.
Summer is right here, right now, and we know that everyone has been gearing up for their beach bodies for weeks and even months now. With that in mind, we put together three amazing outfits for one of our favorite workouts ever—yoga.

Summer Is Just A Hop, Skip, And Jump Away!

Stop procrastinating and start getting that beach body you've been dreaming about!
With the cool breeze slowly dancing away, we know summer is coming, and it's heading straight for our abs (or lack thereof). Don't worry, as always, we've got your back. So here's a list of all the articles we've done on fitness

Watch: Namaste, 4 Yoga Moves To Trim And Tighten Your Body

Jumpstart your fitness resolution by trying out these simple moves.
When you think of January, you think of a fresh start, a clean slate, a New Years' resolution. Well, one of ours is to live a healthier lifestyle, that means eating right and (gulp) exercising. Anna Manalastas of I Go Beyond Yoga

Staff Challenge: Yoga

The Style Bible Editors' response? Challenge accepted!
Since the holidays (also known as the binge-fest season) are slowly peeking in, the Style Bible Editors want you to get inspired to get your body healthy before, during (well, maybe not), and after the holidays. We hooked ourselves up with different